Battlefield 3 Dev Defends Weapon Attachment Re-Balance

MP1st - Core Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, discusses the re-balancing of weapon attachments with Battlefield 3 fans.

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iXenon2542d ago

I'm glad that the attachment changes will be weapon specific.

Mister_V2542d ago

Yeah, I'm glad they're weapon specific. No need for a forgrip to OP a weapon that already has little recoil.

ExPresident2542d ago

Stop all this crap and fix the VOIP PS3 issue then I don't care what you work on.

SJPFTW2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

noob when did gameplay designers have anything to do with VOIP and bugs? their job is strictly mechanics. READ: "GAMEPLAY DESIGNERS"

pretty sure they have programmers and software engineers working on those issues. Hence DICE can work on many things at once

should have kept it PC exclusive too many whiners using inferior gaming platforms. LOL like seriously 256mb RAM? no wonder a lot of games dont work well on the PS3 and can handle basic stuff like cross game chat

ExPresident2542d ago

Yeah because all the other top notch PS3 exclusives suffer from VOIP. Oh wait, they don't.

I also love your 'noob' comment because of my choice of systems, regardless of the fact that I do play games on my PC but enjoy the casual gaming on my PS3.

My point was DICE needs to be addressing and fixing an issue that is clearly in their game as it isn't occurring across numerous PS3 titles.

SJPFTW2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Ohh right because Uncharted and Killzone have large open and dynamic environments? Okayyy now get yourself some rest please

Learn what an gameplay designer is first please. What you asking is like asking an architect to fix the lighting in a building lol

Mister_V2542d ago

I agree with the first half of your statement...

Solid_Snake372542d ago


Okay man, give him a break! Wow, your point was taken

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Criminal2542d ago

VOIP and the input lag fixes are long overdue.

Spitfire_Riggz2542d ago

Why so many disagrees? This is ridiculous how PS3 players havent been able to talk in what, TWO MONTHS

Dead_Cell2542d ago

Designers aren't programmers, different jobs, both can be done by seperate teams at the same time.


ExPresident2542d ago

Love the disagree's and the remarks about difference in 'teams' working on the game. I'm well aware of this. My point was simple. DICE isn't properly acknowledging or addressing the issue clearly present in the PS3 version of the game.

For all you console haters I can guarantee you that DICE is fully enjoying the extra funds they have to add stuff to each version due to the added income of multiple versions.

Persistantthug2541d ago

If Dice can find the time and resources to buff and nerf sh17, the least they can do is fix the freakin game.

It's been over 2 months.

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soundslike2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

this is one balance change i can get behind

why have recoil on the guns at all if an attachment can make it a nooby lazer gun like COD?

KontryBoy7062542d ago

Fix the input lag then we can talk dice.

Persistantthug2542d ago

Is it all of them or just certain versions?

Mister_V2542d ago

PS3 version. If I'm not mistaken, playing at a higher definition will slow down the time it takes for what you press on the controller to translate on-screen. Not sure why it happens.

KontryBoy7062541d ago

Yes it's the PS3 version. YouTube it. Several have posted this issue yet dice choses to nerf guns and attachments. Side step?

sovietsoldier2542d ago

would still like to see aa balanced correctly.

Cosmit2542d ago

That thing mows down infantry soldiers like nothing! And destroys several vehicles quickly too. Only used it once but the one time I used it I went 32-0.

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