GTA V and CryEngine 3

RockstarTurk: GTA V will be the best in the world and reflected on one side of the game world is completely true CryENGINE 3 game engine. Reasons for us to offer a combination of them in Germany Wikipedia CryEngine page was. CryEngine 3 to Wikipedia page made when we entered, we see the order of the games do. And the last time we can see the name of GTA V. How true is unknown, but is developed with CryENGINE 3 game engine, the first is always sure to be in the world.

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lugia 40002509d ago

GTA doesnt need cryengine 3. GTA IV mods show what it can do.

just_looken2508d ago

you forget rage engine is a huge huge huge ram hog and the mods you see look good but you wont ever get that on console's nor a budget pc.

NYC_Gamer2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

R* will use the rage engine for grand theft auto 5.they will not pay to use some third party engine when have their own.

OpenGL2508d ago

GTA V will be using the same engine that was used in GTA IV with some new effects, and a lot of performance and quality enhancements.

Snookies122508d ago

How can people even understand this...?

RyuDrinksTheDew2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

seeing how much Rockstar have invested into R.A.G.E. over the years, i highly doubt they would drop it for CE3.

wouldnt* make sense from a financial perspective, nor technical, seeing that we havent seen CE3 produce maps the size of what GTA games usually have.

let me know if im mistaken though.

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