My Frustration With Xbox Accessories

Carlena says:

"We will just get this first part over with so we can get past it and get to the real issue, yes I am a girl gamer. See? That was painless. This is not about my being a girl gamer. It’s not about how unfair the world is to girl gamers. It is not an article by a girl gamer to bash other girl gamers because I don’t like how they do things or view themselves. That is just unproductive.

This is about buying accessories for my Xbox and having them not fit me right because…my ears are smaller. My ears are smaller because I am female and there is nothing I can do about it. You would think the companies that make these accessories would have a way to address this issue. Enter the new Xbox wireless headsets with bluetooth..."

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Zoron0072457d ago

im a guy and didn't like the old wireless because my ear was too big and didnt sit comfortably. i use the wired headset and its much better for me. i know its easy to unplug but if your having problems just sit still.

H2OAcidic2457d ago

Don't forget how most of those wired headsets were cheaply made.