Sony PlayStation Vita Still On Track With No Price Cut Imminent

There have been a lot of doomsday stories recently predicting the end of Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation (PS) Vita since its weak launch before Christmas 2011 in Japan. Although the portable gaming device only sold 392,000 units in its first two weeks at retail in Japan, Wedbush Morgan Securities videogame analyst Michael Pachter believes the device is still on track.

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death2smoochie2390d ago

The Vita has only been out for such a short time.
Wait until world wide release and if the sales are still low...then you will see a price cut.
Chances are you just might see a price cut sooner than you think...
Not too many average consumers are willing to spend $250+ for a hand held device.


Nope, people are still able to buy 600$ iPads so there's a lot of people that can afford a 250$ device.

Cocozero2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Sony isn't Apple and doesn't have the brand recognition to sell overpriced products, so don't compare Vita to the iPad, compare it to the 3DS, which was selling better than Vita is now and still got a price cut.

kikizoo2390d ago

Before price cut, it was not selling much better, and you can't compare the two devices, 3Ds is probably making profit even with the price cut, the vita is (like ps3 at launch) a gift to consumers (compared to 700$ iphones and others inferiors products)

Bundi2390d ago

Why is it that everytime the media says that handheld consoles are dying because of iPad and mobile devices people here on N4G claim that the 2 markets have nothing to do with each other, but as soon as anyone says Vita is too expensive people say iPad costs more so its justified?? I thought they were different markets?

Half-Mafia2389d ago

@Kikizoo Nintendo isnt making any money on the 3DS after the price cut.

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jaosobno2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

And how much do you spend on your iPhones, HTCs and Samsungs? Probably double the amount.

And what do you play on those godly powerful devices? Angry Birds.

And how long does that device last before its rendered obsolete and replaced by a better model? 6 months to 1 year.

So let's get something straight. Vita is half the price of most desired models of smartphones and it will last for years and years. It will have an amazing library of games that will only get better with time, while cell phones and tablets will remain gaming gimmicks.

fluffydelusions2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

A few things I'd like to address about that comment. I know Vita is for hardcore gamers. I plan on getting on myself but here are some arguments to your comment that a casual phone gamer might say:

1) Many people don't spend hours on end playing games on their phone. They are quick time wasters and nothing more.
2) Vita game prices are a lot higher than your "average" mobile phone gamer wants to pay.
3) Technology moves fast. Many games don't even exploit a hardwares full potential. Popular casual games e.g. angry birds will run on phones from a few years ago no problem.
4) Phones are multipurpose and can perform a variety of tasks other than gaming. This would just be another thing to carry along and it's actually fairly big.

And to answer your question, I paid $400 for my galaxy s2 but I do a lot more with it besides gaming. I also use it for doc editing, programming, news, web browsing, photos, etc etc..

fluffydelusions2390d ago

"average consumers"

Fair point here. Vita is for hardcore gamers not average casual audience.

Neko_Mega2390d ago

Yet people pay for overprice things like Kinect, yeah sorry but you are wrong.

fluffydelusions2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )


Difference is Kinect is a rather unique product. Handheld games not so much when you look at smartphone games which pretty much everyone already owns and are perfectly fine for casuals.

SoapShoes2389d ago

Kinect is unique? lol Eyetoy says hi, the only difference is the Kinect had a 500 million dollar push.

ShabbaRanks2390d ago

How is 250$ expensive lol. I really don't get it. Hell with all that tech inside its really cheap imo. if Apple would sell something with the same stuff packed inside, you'd be looking at a near 700$ product lol.

Ya Sony isn't Apple and thank god they aren't.

Half-Mafia2389d ago

Apples iOS devices arnt expensive compared to all the other manufacturers. The iPhone 4s has much higher quality materials compared to the cheap plastic and low res screens Samsung,HTC and Sony use. The iPad also has high quality material compared to even the Sony tablet S that came out at the same price as the iPad. Even Mac's are well priced for what you get, what other laptop is made from a solid block of aluminum with a high res glass screen??

I also think the Vita is really cheap for what your getting, i dont no how they are making money on it TBH.

ShabbaRanks2389d ago

@Half-Mafia Samsung uses amoled screens lol witch is some high quality stuff dude

Disccordia2389d ago

Samsung also make the screens for MacBooks ;)

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DJMarty2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

@death2smoochie - Judging by how many paid $399+ for the crappy iphone I'd say there would many prepared to pay only $250 for a better specced hand held. That has propper controls.

Rainstorm812390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I agree

It so funny that before the Vita price was unveiled the speculation was 350 to 400 and up for it, everyone was shocked when it was announced at 250.

Now that the 3DS dropped its price, the Vita is expensive ?!? Did i miss something? Its not even available worldwide!

But 500$+ tablets and phones to be used for gaming is common sense dead in journalism?

Bundi2389d ago

Here I was, thinking iPhone was a phone and not a handheld gaming console. My mistake. So its ok to compare the two markets when we are comparing prices but they are incomparable when it is suggested that iPad is overshadowing handhelds?

Kur02389d ago

Gaming markets and handheld hardware are too different things. People are saying that the price is very reasonable considering that weaker hardware sells for much more.

Rainstorm812389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

No they are also comparable in that respect but no ipad game can compete against games on the likes of the DS PSP, PSV and the 3DS.... so its either both or neither

But dont buy a phone then say gaming handhelds are dying, because you bought a phone and it has games on it?? That just makes no sense... An iphone is a better phone than a 3Ds or PSV just like a PSV or 3DS is a better gaming machine than an iphone

Squatch832390d ago

Its a Pachter article. Say no more.

brettyd2390d ago

the price is fine, im confused.

vickers5002389d ago

The price for the handheld itself is fine, but they should at least do a "buy the vita within the first month of launch, get a free 8-16gb memory card for free". If they had something like that, I might have bought it at launch.

I'll probably just wait for some more games to come out for it though, nothing really interests me as of now. I'm really excited to see what that Bioshock Vita game is though. Hopefully we'll see some gameplay soon or get some info on it.

Matrix2k2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

another f nut at forbes

These authors need gaming education.

“Try out a Dungeon Defenders or GTA III on the latest tablet (or even a smartphone), and you’ll likely agree that the portable games space has now grown beyond the need for a dedicated gaming device.”

Nobody would agree with this. Not a single person. Both games mentioned are considered laughing stocks.

gta 3 is considered broken and unplayable, and the worst version of the game.

Oh and the 3ds is 14+ million already and theres still 3 months left in the fiscal year.

3ds sales have surpassed all handheld first year sales.

What does this mean? People arent gaming on there mobile devices.

Why do people own consoles when you have a pc? It can do so much more? GAMING.

Forbes needs a gaming, history, financial education

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