Addicted-Gamers: Best of 2011 Video Game Awards

Mike.M @ Addicted-Gamers writes:

"2011 was a great year in video gaming and the industry continues to flex its muscle, proving it is the biggest form of entertainment in the universe. It was a year full of the usual blockbuster suspects, risk-takers, sequels and threequels, independents, revivals, and more shooters than you can shake a stick at. This is our first annual Best Of and Game of the Year Awards and it was a remarkable process to comb through the best of the best of 2011. Each one of our nominees is deserving of accolades, but you can only have one winner and for some of these categories, the choice was extremely tough. Some of our choices should definitely lead to some discussion. That’s not a bad thing as we love talking video games here.

We are proud to give you the Addicted-Gamers Best of 2011 and Game of the Year."

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Mr_JOE2535d ago

Finally! Great work everyone! :D

Agent_Duk2535d ago

That’s a great wrap for 2011. Nice work!