God of War IV co-op multiplayer rumor & horde mode desired?

Jamie Pert at Product-Reviews writes: We already know all about the rumors of a co-op multiplayer game mode coming to God of War IV, but what other online elements could be brought to the next instalment? How about a multiplayer horde mode?

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BigBoss19642535d ago

God of War doesn't need multiplayer just give me new weapons and story and I'll be happy

GribbleGrunger2535d ago

agreed. i was a little bored with the last offering but i'm willing to give the series another go. all i want is GOW as we know it, not something that panders to the loud minority that think gaming is only worth playing online.

Larry L2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

1st of all, I don't know why people are believing the rumor this time. These same sites ran these same rumors for GoW3.

That being said, I disagree with your view. I have absolutely no problem with games getting multi-player so long as the multi-player fits the game. Ninja Gaiden for example. That new competetive multi-player is REALLY stupid imo and makes no sense being there. BUT the online co-op added to the PS3 version of NG2 or Sigma 2 if you prefer was amazing. It makes sense to play that co-op.

I feel the same way about God of War getting multi-player. I'm not interested in playing some God of War 4 Team DeathMatch, And I'm confident that's not something Santa Monica is dumb enough to do. BUT, maybe a 2-4 player Co-Op horde mode, or a 2 player co-op through the story would be great. With proper writing........start with like, Kratos' mysterious brother finding Kratos' body at the end of 3, I think it would work fantastically.

And as for the extra characters to fill out for a 4 player horde mode, there have been SOOOO many different weapons Kratos has used through all the games that all work well, you could have at least 4 characters all with 4 completely different weapons that all feel proper to the God of War series.

I really think it would be fantastic, and great fun with online friends.

EDIT- I just thought, OR for a 4 player horde mode, there could be a create-a-character if you don't want to use Kratos or his brother, and you pick four weapons for your character from ALL the weapons that have ever been in the series? Maybe it's just me, but a GoW co-op horde mode sounds incredible if done right.

Chitown712912535d ago

I think it would be kinda cool, if they had a mode where you could create your own character, and you and your friends could take on a titan. Think that would be pretty epic .

Wintersun6162535d ago

MP? No thanks. Horde mode? Meh. 90% of the time I find both to get boring very fast and to me they have no real value in most games.

JellyJelly2535d ago

For some games that's true. Horde 2.0 in Gears of War 3 is an exception though. It was one of the best online modes to come out this year. The way they mixed in tower defense and RPG elements was pure genius imo.

ziggurcat2535d ago

i'll say this again:

if there's any game that should remain singleplayer, it's god of war.

Oldman1002535d ago

God of War with multiplayer does not seem to compute, I keep getting some sort of error.

KMCROC542535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Wow horde mode really ,the inovation at sony is amazing. Sony at it's best always borrowing someone else concept again.

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