CVG Games of 2012: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a gaming institution. First released back in 1996, this new game represents the tenth outing for Lara Croft, who returns with 35 million lifetime sales behind her.

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ilovemyps32542d ago

I downloaded for free Lara croft underworld,from psn+,some days ago.I read about 10 reviews,its a "8" game,based o the scores,and its and enjoyable title,with some flaws,like camera.I haven't started playing yet.hope I like it.

The trailer for the next Lara looked impressive,I hope they will make a game like uncharted,with qte's and a good story. Explorer games are my prefered style of games,and Lara used to give us countless hours of fun. Hope we can see her again,in 2012,in a perfect shape(no pun intended).

It would be cool,if we could have Lara croft in the next uncharted game,playable on co op,online. And then,in the next Lara croft game,Nathan would be playable on co op,as well. The 2 worlds mixed,that could bring a incredible game,full of good ideas,for the next ps4. Naugthy dog and crystal together,could be awesome.