Timing Skyrim’s DLC release date

Gaming In Entertainment writes: We’ve already heard a lot about the Skyrim DLC users want with some clever ideas being shown, and while we’ll have to wait to see if Bethesda included some of the cool ideas suggested, one of the most important things needed is a well timed release date.

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danswayuk2422d ago

Quality is always best, although March the latest would be nice for the first DLC release.

ZBlacktt2422d ago

For a game as long as this one could be ( kind of endless ). It was almost sad to get the Plat trophy in 199 hours. Which was done over 19 days. But I'm still playing this game. Because it is that fun/good. Well over 325 hours now. I took a break over the Christmas/New Year week.

baboom2232422d ago

They should definitely make it about the dwarves, please? There such a mystery. I for one would definitely buy an add-on about the dwarves

Grip2422d ago

we want DLC about thalmor which they are pretty much useless in the game

CoxMulder2421d ago

They should make it about the rise of the Falmer. Maybe have the Dwemer return, only to have the Falmer finally having their revenge on those treacherous bastards, and reestablishing a major presence in Skyrim.

baboom2232421d ago

That would be really interesting.

BigPappaPump2422d ago

We all know there's going to be a DLC involving the Thalmor.

KontryBoy7062422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

And hopefully there will be a GOTY patched edition with this DLC. Then I'll buy the game.

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