Call of Duty Ads “Hideous Marketing”, Says Actual Soldier

Activision’s big-budget Sam Worthington x Jonah Hill commercials for Modern Warfare 3 won a lot of fans, but novelist, essayist and former paratrooper D.B. Grady is not one of them.

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urwifeminder2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Im sure the makers are crying in the piles of cash cause this guy didnt like the ad does anyone have anytime for anything other than a whinge these days,so they should have been scraping toe fungus with a bayonet for realism. Im no cod fan but the haters are the ultimate sheep.

manman62458d ago

Hate Call of Duty all you want but you have to admit that COD commercial are entertaining.

3GenGames2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

The last funny one was the "Everyone's Doing it" commercial from MW2. All this new stuff is just stupid and basically shows it's for noobs with him pulling out all sorts of weapons like a throwing knife and pistol and walking through tons of gunfire unharmed and I'm guessing killing everyone in his path. Although, that's basically what happens in that POS game, and that's what people who buy it like, so why not? What a joke of a game now-a-days.

Blaine2458d ago

I don't understand your problem with the commercials...

You say the game is a joke.

You say the commercials are... well I guess you meant unrealistic and over the top.

To me, that's consistent, no? Seems like the devs know their audience, know their game, and made commercials to go with them. I'm the first to hate on CoD myself, but even I laughed at these new commercials.

Stop trying to hate for the sake of hating. Get a sense of humor.

xAlmostPro2458d ago

@Blained thgat's not what he said at all, he stated that even the trailer promotes 'the noob' and making it attractive for new players.. just like the game does.

COD as a franchise went from a game that was down to 1vs1 moments involving you your gun your reactions and accuracy. Now a level one can join the game and come top by sitting in a corner sponging killstreaks. Even more so now in MW3 because you didn't even need kills for the killstreaks.

TheFreak2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

You need to do objectives to get points for your killstreaks, so you have to move from your corner to get them. Probably the best new thing with cod. I have never seen a level 1 winning a game, but thats probably because me and my friends are good :)

ThichQuangDuck2458d ago

The commercials have mass appeal, appealing to adults and surprisingly childrean a like who think it looks cool. I think this article is more saying that even though it is at the end of the day a game the way it brings it to reality and glorifies war and makes it seem like in reality you get kill streaks and perks and celebrate when you kill their whole team without any mental damage is what he is going for. I worked at a gamestore and a lot of 7-12 year olds wanted MW3 and SR3, why you ask not because of bad parenting ,but the way the ads try to appeal to people.

Snookies122458d ago

What's not hideous about Call of Duty? Lol, I'm kidding, it's not that bad. The thing that makes it bad are the people who play it, but I guess that's true for just about any online multiplayer.

3GenGames2458d ago

And the fact it never improves is the main reason it sucks. MW, or COD4, is the best FPS of the console generation, MP and story wise. All others are just broke and built for the bandwagon fans, not the real fans with all the killstreaks and no gun on gun gameplay at all. It's disgusting what they're doing with what was a good game. Splitting the development between studios every other game is a terrible idea for the one who did the lifting in even creating the main engine. IW broke up even before MW2 and the milking, that's how bad of an idea it was. It's the next Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, it's only a matter of time until people stop buying and it's canned, and I'm fine with that because IMO no game from the series is worth buying until there's a major overhaul on the engine, like other games do in between releases to improve them.

Cosmit2458d ago


I suggest you don't speak about MW3 if you haven't played MW3? Seriously have you even played it? Killstreaks are really dumbed down in MW3. And in a good way too. It's the most balanced since CoD4 in case you didn't know. The way I see it is that your just on the Hating BandWagon. But of course you probably hate everything else that's popular just because you never were right?

Mista T2458d ago

Well obviously he doesn't really understand that the game doesn't really take itself too seriously.

The game doesn't aim for realism, so a trailer like this is fine.

ShiftyLookingCow2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Come on, the ad is obviously a joke in the same vein as mowing down grannies in GTA.

I have to wonder how offensive "Tropic Thunder" is for these people.

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