Assassin's Creed II & Dark Void On Sale For Up to 90% Off on OnLive

OnLive continues to have their huge Winter Sale on over 35 different games. However, two new games are on sale today as well, at extremely low prices.

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ElementX1938d ago

Does anyone actually use OnLive?

ginsunuva1937d ago

On my tablet and my friends use it to play pc games on their crappy laptops, yes.

Hellsvacancy1938d ago

I liked Dark Void when no other did

ReservoirDog3161938d ago

Haha, my friend got me to play it. The flying sections were pretty fun and I don't really play flying games.

And it's usually dirt cheap nowadays.

turnerdc1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Bought them both! Thanks OnLive!

2pacalypsenow1938d ago

I rather watch a play through on youtube its the same thing