Battlefield 3: New DLC map ideas for DICE

Product-Reviews writes: BFBC2 features some very memorable maps which we feel Battlefield 3 players would love to see make an appearance and we can offer a reminder just to refresh your memory. One map that would be perfect for Battlefield 3 is Panama Canal, arguably the most popular map from the game. It’s big enough for a great session on either conquest or rush, and the addition of jets and helicopters would give the whole map an entirely different look – maybe throw in one mobile AA for the two teams to fight over as well for good measure.

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wAnxTa2535d ago

No I hate Panama Canal. Plus those maps were made with 32 players in mind but still I'd love to see BC2 maps in bf3. I just want maps which will appreciate a faster game.

Detoxx2535d ago

I love Panama Canal, hope they include the UAV to, and new equipment like the Mortar Strike for Recon

Hanif-8762535d ago

I think the UAV would just ruin the game, in fact, the MAV with the roadkill is an overkill as it is.

2fk2535d ago

@ Hanif-876

I've playing BF3 for around 130 hours and i still haven't got killed by a MAV...i want to get killed by it just so i can get a good laugh...i've only experienced about 2 maybe 3 people try to kill me with it and failed.

DasBunker2535d ago

MAV are harder to shoot down in BF3.. UAV will be hell from the sky if it can shoot.. i liked most of the maps in BFBC2.. and hate quite a bit of them in BF3 (specially the small ones)...

arica harbor was an awesome map.. theres one in BF thats similar but cant remember the name

ShoryukenII2535d ago

I want Arica Harbor, White Pass and Cold War.

You may be talking about Kharg Island. It looks similar colourwise.

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Hanif-8762535d ago

If they were to bring back Arika Harbor then i'd buy it instantly... even before it releases lol

Plagasx2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Panama Canal? Hell no.

I prefer the snow map that was featured in the beta.

trenso12535d ago

I think that was Arica harbor.

2fk2535d ago

no way Arica Harbor is not a snow was the snow map Port Valdez' that was in the beta

ShoryukenII2535d ago

Port Valdez was the month long demo actually.

2535d ago
trenso12535d ago

I love all the snow maps from bc2 I think could really shine with the new frostbite engine. Even make those maps have a blizzard would be exciting

Elite-uk2535d ago

I'd prefere to see the likes of Bridge Too Far & Dammage from BF2MC tbh.

SlyFoxC2535d ago

i totally agree!! Bridge Too Far easily my fav map ever!

Hufandpuf2535d ago

Backstab and Cold War would make the game complete!

Da_Evil_Monkey2535d ago

Heavy Metal, Arica Harbour, Port Valdez and Valparaiso would be my pick, but I mostly played Rush.

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The story is too old to be commented.