Weekend Thoughts: 'Why I Had Sex With The Alien'

Every weekend, Gamasutra is featuring sharp editorials and feature stories from their correspondents, and this piece from Game Set Watch columnist Chris Dahlen deals with sexuality and Mass Effect:

"Let me also add that the NPCs in this game are a major step back for BioWare. They never talk with you in the field, aside from a couple generic lines about how 'This building is very cold' or 'This planet is very hot.' The extended get-to-know-you conversations I'm used to never happen. And as for flirting? Back in the day, when an NPC had a thing for you, they were subtle about it. A hint here, a jealous comment there, a few tests to make sure you would do nothing but agree with their every suggestion – and whammo, the screen went black and you got lucky.

But Mass Effect doesn't have time for that. Your romance options basically hand themselves up on a platter: the first time you get to talking with them, they start dribbling about how impressive and intriguing you are and, hey, space is lonely and sometimes it's fun to share a bunk. In fact, they don't even say anything that romantic. They basically just say, 'Keep talking to me and someday we'll have that sex scene you saw on YouTube.'"

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bung tickler3937d ago

well this guy isnt the sharpest tack in the box. there are a lot of time when one b!tch will be talking to you and the other one will get jealus and interupt and such and such just like real women do.

fjtorres3937d ago

<<Liara, like BioWare, promised me a “life-altering experience”: I sure didn’t get that.>>

1- Where did they ever say that?
2- Even if they had: he believed it?
3- Its a video game, dude! A great, genre-changing, seriously fun game, but still nothing more than a game.

You'd have to be in serious need of a life (which the guy doesn't appear to be) to think a game can change your life.

Jeeze, some folks take this stuff waaaayyyy too seriously.

razer3937d ago

This person set himself up to be disappointed.. Oh well, the game is fantastic and is going to be a huge RPG of the year winner like it or not.. You would think this writer gets no REAL sex in life so he was expecting ME to fill this sexual void.. What a laugh!

FCOLitsjustagame3937d ago

I think I agree with him on the KOTOR NPC having a little more relavent things to say in the field. They also had a set "character" so their reactions would be based on their set alignment. It seems like I remember clicking on the KOTOR NPC after every choice I made to gage their reactions.

In ME (which is a great game btw) the NPC rarely have anything to say about what is going on and no reaction to things you did, other then the occasional scripted reaction. Also, if you play the game twice you will see the characters do not have a set aligment as you can make one choice as a Paragdon and Ashely will question it.... so you do what you think she wants when you play as Renegade.....and she questions it. So basically her characters script is to be the opposite of what your characters choice was. I rather have her take a stand and then have some interactions based on if you took the action she approves of or not. Thats how it seemed to be in KOTOR.... you could work to "turn" darksiders to light or lightsiders to dark but keeping them on your team took some effort. This is really not so in ME.

All that said ME is a great game and the interactions that are there are superb but no video game is going to be life changing.

drewlusk3936d ago

They basically just say, 'Keep talking to me and someday we’ll have that sex scene you saw on YouTube.'"

Man that was such a great line. I just finished the game and I never had "relations" with an alien. It just was with the human. I think that I missed out or something.