Should Women Play Video Games?

Redhead Reviews writes: "Before you roll your eyes, let me explain.
In a recent review of Skyrim, it was stated that women would not enjoy this game. It is not the first, nor will it be the last time I will hear, or rather read, someone telling me that I do not enjoy video games. However, since this idea is so prevalent, I have decided to delve into the possibility that perhaps one gender may be predisposed to video games."

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NukaCola2539d ago

My buddy's wife like this game. My wife really enjoyed really hardcore titles like Heavy Rain and is more of a fan of the Mario RPGs than the standard platformers. Also she played COD and Gears and Uncharted 3 online with me. Everyone should be allowed to play them.

Hellsvacancy2539d ago

My missis got into Heavy Rain, she didnt beat it but she played it a little, she plays Sonic Generations with my daughter every once in a while

She certainly doesnt play BF3 or shoot em ups, she hates games likle that "you know there trainin you to kill dont you?", "shaddap, i dont need games to teach me that"

morganfell2538d ago

My crap article detector just went off.


Because in the opening lines the article states, "Before you..." Before we what? Use common sense?

"Before you..." is the new "Top 5 reasons..."

Lazy_Sunday2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

My girlfriend really got into Heavy Rain and MGS4. She loves Eastern devs, though, she's a Sony diehard. I play Skyrim, and while I don't have a preference for which game is better, she prefers Dark Souls.

One of my good friends I grew up with playing soccer, DDR, Guitar Hero and CoD. She was obsessed with Skyrim until all of a week ago, when she got the last Dragon mask she needed from Ragnvald and her save got corrupted. Played it from launch day. Pity.

A lot of girls I know are really into Just Dance. My sister, not really a gamer, started playing CoD with her boyfriend a month ago and isn't half bad at it, but she won't use a mic online anymore because people are dicks.

Most people underestimate women's taste.

alien6262538d ago

of course they should it makes sex better imo

ATi_Elite2538d ago

HELL YEAH!! as long as they wear the proper gaming attire while playing.


SilentNegotiator2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

"Should Women Play Video Games?" is a stupid question. It's like asking if women should be allowed to's sort of already been answered for a long time.

And does this article seriously suggest that men are less disposed of video games because they might stop to masturbate and women are supposedly better at multitasking?

I guess it's true.....ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

theonlylolking2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

This person has their brain knowledge wrong. Men use their left side of the brain more than women for listening but women use both sides for listening. It has nothing to do with multitasking because our brains are slightly different so for men one side just works harder when listening than the other.

zeal0us2539d ago

Wait this already been submit once last year, I knew I seen it from somewhere.

Pozzle2539d ago

Are you sure it was the same one? I checked the search engine and nothing showed up. There are a coupe of articles with similar titles, but not this exact article.

zeal0us2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

It probably got submitted and failed to get approve, I'm not totally sure. I do recall reading this very same article once off of N4G in December.

If I'm wrong then sorry.

I'm probably should of search first before I had spoken. Will that for now on.

erathaol2538d ago

The search engine isn't that great.

CaptCalvin2538d ago

Funny you should ask, because I think I know which one your talking about. I happened to have read that article too and I have a deeper impression of it. But no, it isn't the same article. The other one was basically a complaint to the reviewer while this one is a deeper look into the similarities and differences between men and women.

Son_Lee2539d ago

Since they make up 46% of gamers, I say without a doubt.

MrWiggle2538d ago

Yeah but thats after the Wii's success brought in the entire casual audience and made gaming more mainstream.

You can get Mothers, Grandmothers and even 9 year old girls who could play on games like Wii Fit, Kinect Sports and Cooking Mama and if they were asked if they were gamers theyn would say they were.....which is silly since playing on such games wouldn't make you a gamer.

Trust me the real perecentage of girl gamers....real girl gamers not the fake ones who do it for social gimmicks or what have you, is very low compared to the male audience.

Jayjayff2538d ago

And of course, YOU get to chose what makes one a gamer and what doesn't. How does playing those video games makes one less apply to the title of a gamer ? in my opinion if you spend lots hours even if their easy and always ready to play makes you a gamer.

TurretKiller2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )


Shovelware rubbish should never count towards you being a gamer. mainstream has gaming really got, playing on those games dosen't make you a gamer, hell it's not even about games it's also about passion, dedication, true interest and knowledge about the industry. I just can't stand listening to people who don't even give a crap about games go "I'm a gamer" when you know there not. I wouldn't say he's trying to decide what makes you one but it's common sense to be honest. I guess your one of them if thats the case.

"in my opinion if you spend lots hours even if their easy and always ready to play makes you a gamer. "

There not gamers...there just people who are trying to kill time

vickers5002538d ago

"How does playing those video games makes one less apply to the title of a gamer?"

In the same way that playing basketball with your friends doesn't make you an athlete.

vortis2538d ago

46% of casual games such as checkers, chess, Bejeweled and other games like that.

Just wanted to clarify.

Jayjayff2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I don't know if will reply to the right people but here goes [email protected] my point was that no person can really make rules as to what make ones a gamer. My problem with this, is that it's an argument for arrogance "I spend more time than you playing video game, or like games that are more time consuming than you therefore i get to chose what you are" Since when where those requirements created and by who ? anyway as to me being one of "them" well let just say that as a 16 year, i've had a Nes, Snes, 64, playstation 1-3, gamecube and wii in my library of consoles. not casual at all. But that doesn't mean i can create my own requirements to be a gamer, without any reason given as to why others shouldn't be consider gamers even thought they play video games but are not as passionate. @Vickers500 that analogy doesn't work considering athlete is a well define term. As oppose to gamer.

vickers5002538d ago

Fine. "Gamer" isn't quite the clearly defined term that it should be, but if when you tell people (who frequently play video games) that you're a gamer, they assume you partake in more than something like freaking angry birds or monopoly. It's one of those terms that's widely accepted and agreed upon by the gaming community (and the majority of the non gaming community) as being someone who plays different and new video games on a regular basis.

Besides, you're reacting as if being called "not a real gamer" is some sort of insult. Obviously it's not, and I'm pretty sure nobody here thinks it is, but the majority of people agree that the definition of a gamer is someone who regularly plays different types of video games on a regular basis. I suppose you could say "hardcore" gamer, but nobody wants to say that every time we're trying to identify someone who REGULARLY plays games that actually MATTER. Your complaining does nothing but derail the conversation by arguing over semantics. Most of us are all in agreement about the meaning of the word, so why not just go with it?

Is it really that important to you to make sure the shovelware crowd feel welcomed in the gaming community?

Jayjayff2537d ago

It is not about it being an insult or that im defending shovelware community, my point is about the arrogance of you guys going over your heads and deciding what makes you a gamer and like you said "games that matter" see my point ? it is simply just that.and i don't agree with the meaning people create under their arrogance (If you don't play my type of game, you're not a gamer) it just gets to me.

vickers5002537d ago

"and i don't agree with the meaning people create under their arrogance (If you don't play my type of game, you're not a gamer) it just gets to me."

It has nothing to do with arrogance. When the gaming community say "gamer" they mean someone who actually plays games on a regular basis, and who play ALL types of games, not just shovelware sh*t.

And sorry, but you're being kind of an idiot when you say "(If you don't play my type of game, you're not a gamer)". I'm not saying they have to play MY type of game to be a gamer, but they do have to play CORE games to be a gamer, as opposed to someone who just simply plays shovelware games. I don't like sports games or racing games, they're not MY type of games, but if someone regularly plays something like that, then it does make them a gamer, even though I may not like those types of video games.

Someone playing farmville or angry birds however, does not make someone a gamer (if that's all they play that is), it just makes them a person who plays casual games.

Shovelware games aren't real games though. They have no story, plot or variety in gameplay.

Here's a better analogy for before: a 3 year old may splatter a bunch of paint on a piece of paper, but that doesn't make him an artist.

The fact is, is that core games and shovelware games do not belong in the same category, just as board games do not belong in the same category as sports (technically those are games as well, but no one is stupid enough to make direct comparisons to them).

Gamer has become more of a social definition than anything else, kind of like internet slang such as "lol". It's not actually a dictionary definition (well it wasn't before, it probably is not), it's just a word that has overtime been given a meaning that we all have come to accept (well, MOST of us anyways).

You can either accept like everyone else does and not let it bother you so damn much, or you can continue to think everyone are arrogant, selective pricks and continue to fight your meaningless battle against the true meaning of a word that, when it comes down to it, is kind of irrelevant.

Jayjayff2536d ago

Listen to your definition of a gamer, i guess it makes you not real gamer since you need to play "All type of game" and i am pretty sure that not many people like every genre or style.

your conclusion that shovelware Games are, is not well thought out according to you Tetris is not a real game or ping pong heck not even pac man.
lets not go to what makes one an artist that is another whole dilemma (some people don't consider vg an art form ) plus artist is a not well define term, it really doesn't fit.
And i was just expressing my opinion dude, because well.. the definition is arrogant on itself.

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