Could Halo 4 become a multi format release?

Could Halo 4 see a multi format released where two versions are released for Xbox and Xbox next?

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X_GAMER_X2482d ago

Yes it can.

Microsoft already stated back in 2008 that Their next gen console will be ‘Forward Compatibility’.

It’s the idea that games will not only “run”, they will also be “enhanced”, thanks to the new hardware capabilities. Graphics, for example, could be enhanced. There are programmatic ways to improve textures, resolution or frame-rate on old games, but usually improving the user-interface, the network capability or even the game-play is much harder.

There has been alot of talks about it in 2008, I can not believe someone has forgot about it.

One source

Pluss Peter Moore has already stated back in 2007 that the team behind xbox 360 has started working on the next xbox ''Microsoft will support Xbox 360 as long as it sold, and the console is still selling well despite of six years to its development in 2005.
The production team from the Xbox 360 is working on the next Xbox game console, and they are looking into what kind of CPUs will be available in the market next year, in 2012.''


The man worked at Microsoft when he stated those things, I for one believe him.

And only time will tell.

Spydiggity2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )


i love that you are getting trolled with disagrees simply for not completely bashing MS (in fact, every comment down the line, so far, is).

you're using quotes directly from the dev teams and people still disagree. such a joke.

well, good comment. i think it would be VERY impressive if someone managed to release a new console that was not only backwards compatible, but also improved the look of old games. it would be the first system that was able to do this.

whatever halo 4 comes out on, i'm gettin it.

X_GAMER_X2482d ago


Yeah, I saw the disagrees but I dont care about it. This has been known for many years, I Guess there is lots of misinformed kids on this site :D

It will be very good if they can pull that off.
There is lots of sources about the MS Forward Compatibility from MS them self. And they have stated that back in 08 or maybe 07.

Just google it and you can read very interesting facts.

And about the new console, Peter Moore have said it many times, People just don't remember :D

Dlacy13g2482d ago

@X_GAMER_X props to you for actually doing some homework on your comment. Yes MS has long stated they wanted forward compatibility... that was more of a point they made more recently with Kinect, that it would be forward compatible.

I could easily see a high res pack XBOX "whatever name" for the next console with Halo 4. It could merely be a downloadable even... So one Halo 4 disc but access to the more robust stuff if you have the new console.

It really is all speculation at this point though because this all will hinge on the timing of MS's next console release.

EeJLP-2482d ago

Why would it release on "Xbox"? They stopped supporting it like 6 years ago.

trikster402481d ago

Um, PS3 improved look of old games. The PS2 improved the looks of PS1 games. So, no, it wouldn't be the first system to do so.

AtomicGerbil2481d ago


Easy tiger, you should know the Playstation brand is irrelevant when it comes to features round here.

But otherwise you are correct.

da_2pacalypse2481d ago

This website is a joke... full of ps3 fanboys that can't take relax for a second to just read the news instead of trolling all xbox games.... we're all gamers here, no need to be douchebags to each other...

AtomicGerbil2481d ago


Oh look it's that "full of PS3 fanboys" line again. If that was so wouldn't you find this site full of XBOX hate articles?

If fact I would say it's quite the opposite.

Yes we are all gamers here and there is no harm in correcting a comment if it's believed to be incorrect.

Disccordia2481d ago

I remember the forward comparable articles. They are interesting but honestly I don't think new hardware can magically make an old game look better.

jrbeerman112481d ago


Check skyward sword on pc.

Check ps1 and ps2 emulators on pc

In fact my laptop plays all my old ps games better than my ps2 does.

(i did not pirate disclaimer)

EeJLP-2481d ago

1 Agree, 25 Disagree

Obviously a bunch of retards who can't read:
"released for Xbox and Xbox next"

So again, why would Halo 4 release on Xbox? They stopped supporting it ~6 years ago. This site and/or contributor screwed up their wording was my point. They refer to Xbox as the current console, they refer to Xbox as the original console, they refer to Xbox 360, new Xbox, Xbox next, current Xbox, etc.

They're inconsistent with their naming of the consoles. Why refer to each console by 2-3 different names? Poorly written, and they should make up a name for the next Xbox. They call it Xbox next and don't capitalize Next, so then it's not a name. They should've said Xbox, 360 (or Xbox 360), and NextBox or something. Not Xbox when referring to the current console, then Xbox again when referring to the original console, then Xbox next without capitalization of Next when referring to a new console.

da_2pacalypse2481d ago

@Flatbattery yes, and that's exactly what we have... a bunch of articles that bash one of the consoles and all the ps3 fanboys going crazy... everybody calm down -_-

Disccordia2481d ago


All emulators do is add some filters and upscale (which sometimes ends up looking worse).

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morganfell2482d ago

Those things were stated, that is a fact. But Microsoft also made the same remarks about Xbox 1 being supported.

Microsoft is a master at marketing. It would be disastrous for them to market HALO 4 toward the 360 audience, get you to preorder and pay for HALO 4 on the 360 and then turn around and tell you,

"Ha. You just bought the last gen version."

That isn't marketing, it's customer betrayal. Frankie O'Connor has already stated that HALO 4 is an Xbox 360 title.

Most people would just buy the game on the 360 and the ability for the game to drive next gen console sales would be squandered. If you think about it, ms xbox world thinks Microsoft are idiots because this is what they would need to be in order to take such a route. Spread the word, ms xbox world is an anti-Microsoft site.

Now people are trying to read into what O'Connor and 343 have said or rather didn't say. My preorder is on HALO 4 for the 360 for a reason. That is the console for which it is designed.

"Well he didn't exclude other platforms."

Is this the demented logic to which pretend journalists have sunk? Can they no longer make logical deductions? Oh wait, I forgot who published the article. It's usually indicative of the level of literary idiocy when I see a phrase along the lines of "Now before you..." Before we what? Use common sense?

Never mind that 2014 fits the frame that people who would actually know have indicated. Mark Rein and Tim Sweeney both have stated that we would not see Unreal 4 until 2014. And they have both stated that Unreal 4 will be a launch engine on next gen consoles.

HALO 5 arriving in 2014 as a launch title on the 720p is the only bit of common sense which this article came close to touching, and even that they dismissed in order to attempt and drive the ridiculous notion that the 720p is coming when they want. Dream on.

BTW ms xbox world, your excellent Miss Cleo record as purveyors of whopper sized outright lies does nothing for your reputation as an accurate predictor of the gaming future nor your pitiful downtrodden attempts at journalism.

X_GAMER_X2482d ago

Am just sayning it can come out, Not it will come out :D
If we can go by MS word about Forward Compatibility.

There has been a Total blackout, No info about Halo 4 what so ever. What If in E3 They announce a new console and a forward support Halo 4?

I Don't like to exclude anything so I don't look like an idiot when it really happend, That is why I allways say: Time will Tell. :D

gaffyh2482d ago

@X_Gammer_X - All that forward compatible means is that the next console will be backwards compatible. Same way PS2 played PS1 games at a slightly better quality, but at the end of the day, it's the same. So I don't know why you're making such a big deal about "forward compatibility", because it's very likely that every current game on any console is "forward compatible."

LostDjinn2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Morgan I bubbled you up for the last paragraph. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Oh well. Now to the article/turd in question.

It amazes me just how much BS gets passed off as "opinion" these days. So I'm going to do something I wouldn't normally do and throw MSXboxWorld a bone.

The most reasonable course of action for MS to take (provided their next system is BC) is to simply offer "next-gen" upgrades in the form of DLC. That way they could make Halo 4 for the 360 (as they'd use DX9 to do it) and sell an "upgrade" consisting of a texture pack with tessellation thrown in for their next console.

It's sure to be packing DX11. That would allow a nice jump in eye candy and would let them (MS) charge twice for the one game.

This isn't my "opinion". This isn't my prediction. It's just the most logical solution.

Now, quick as you can. Run back and make an article about how DLC upgrades are "teh futurez of gamingz". That's right. I've got that much faith in your ability.

jrbeerman112481d ago


Twilight princess says hi

Released two gens nintendo, did awesome.

Diver2481d ago


not reading and understanding the situations says hi. apples an oranges says hi. no one says it cant sell on two plats. but twilight princess didnt go on preorder for one plat an then wait until people paid for it so that it then went on sale for the next plat in the same line that hadnt been announced yet. you dont understand the situation.

also no one tried to make the second version of tp one of the main launch titles for a new console. no new console was relying on tp as one of the main forces behind sales for a brand new console. see you really dont understand the situation. comprehension, which is a stranger to you, says hi.

jrbeerman112480d ago


Tell me how you really feel.

I can read fine, Im not making the assumption that the new xbox is coming on time for Halo 4.

Also rereleasing later upscaled versions of games to new platforms has been done plenty so relax.

I also understand the situation because i know this article is bull and your operating on some bait articles speculation.

I also know that if it were true and xbox did pull the crap of announcing a better version of same game after offering preorders, that they would still sell tons.

I apologize if i offended, i only slipped in one quick thing that didnt represent the whole but only added to argument.

Though most people grip on to 1 fact for an entire argument and thinks it proves everything so ill give you that. Just dont be so quick to call someone an idiot.

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BlmThug2482d ago

That would be amazing :D And disagreeing with not only facts but evidence. X_GAMER_X has quoted and even given links to what he is saying.

X_GAMER_X2482d ago

Dont worry about those people.

Bubble up bro.

@ Gaffyh Forward compatible is not the same as backward. You can read more about it if you do some research, And where Do I make a big deal about it? The article says: Could Halo be release on two Xbox consoles? Am quoting What Microsoft have said before based on their own words. It is just a speculation :D

gaffyh2481d ago

@X_Gamer_X - I don't think you understand what I'm saying in my comment. I'll give you an example.

Sony never said that PS1 games would be forward compatible. Then when PS2 came out, it was backwards compatible, meaning that PS1 games WERE forward compatible. AND the PS2 improved the quality of the games.

It's the same thing, except it includes more improvements due to the nature of the current consoles e.g. possible DLC updates on the next console etc. That doesn't mean it's a new concept, it just means that they can do more with backwards compatibility due to the changes in the way we play games.

jrbeerman112481d ago


Sony said ps3 was backwards compatible on release too. And we got 1 batch of overpriced fatties that could and then nothing.

Wish they at least brought back for slims..... But then the hd releases would sell less.

Both m$ and sony are guilty of shady crap like this, just different ends. So basically all fanboys have ammunition

beastgamer2482d ago

seems like the fanboys don't approve your comment.

kaveti66162481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

It seems you do, so there must be an exception to your statement.

ATi_Elite2482d ago

Great info and post X_GAMER_X

also MS has already given major Devs the PC specs for the next Box and games for it have been under development for a couple years now.

I hope a "next box" is released for 2012 and i think it will be cause MS wants to have a kick butt E3 and launching Windows 8 and a Next Box would be Kick butt.

Halo 4 on 360 and Next Box would be awesome. Would love to have a release on Steam too but maybe that's wishful thinking.

X_GAMER_X2482d ago

Thnx Bro :]

I can not wait for next gen.

Think about new console smell :D

Bubble up for backing me up :D

jrbeerman112481d ago

People disagreeing on new systems?!?


All good stuff x gamer x

ThichQuangDuck2481d ago

That idea of forward compatibility would be amazing if they could do and would essentially make every 360 game a hd remake which would be awesome nostalgia. But I am taking it with a grain of salt since they promised backwards compatibility on 360 and everyone knows how that turned out, I they still wish they kept the servers up for major games like chaos theory and halo 2. Oh well, Halo 4 literally decides whether I get the next xbox or ps4, because Microsoft is all out of exclusives so much that they have to announce halo 4,5,6 at one conference. To clarify I own a 360 and want a PS3

hellvaguy2481d ago


I like alot of what you said, except about backwards compatibility on the 360 from the original xbox. Everyone one of my original xbox games played on the 360, except for Cell Damage. I read there were a few more niche games that werent bc, but idk it was happy with it at the time.

ThichQuangDuck2481d ago


I guess my main complaint about backwards compatibility that I forgot to clarify was other than just taking the servers down. The fact that you cannot be in party or communicate at all while playing said games. Many of the games I wanted to play also worked though but it limited overall functionality. Would have been nice to be able to still use the guide.

r1sh122481d ago

FOrwards compatibility will bring consoles into a PC realm wont it?
Im sure they will limit the number of upgrades for example..
Eg Only 1 type of graphics card could be used a replacement.
Forwards compatibility is a great idea but its pretty much a PC IMO

hellvaguy2481d ago


Wow bro, 1 thing in common out of literally dozens to hundreds of examples to cherry pick from, and this one feature would magically transform all consoles into a PC.

kevnb2481d ago

i suppose its a good idea, but I already have a gaming pc.

TheXgamerLive2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

nice name copycat, haha.

Forward compatability, yes that's a given based on what MS has said in the past. There's also hints of past PC game playability being available as well, we'll see how that works out.
Second gen. KINECT device will also be standard on the new XBOX.

MS doesn't wait or look to see what processors are available, they have them developed and tested, multiple idea's are long tested before developed to see whith what and who they will go with on the CPU/GPU design. Many rumors on that as well.

Halo 4 will be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

The Next X, again based on rumors, were looking at an Xmas 2013 release. Definately NOT 2012. If not 2013, then spring 2014 again based on the internal flow.

Regardless, it's going to be good times for all:)

Release titles, that I'd love to see.
Splinter Cell exclusive, A KOTOR exclusive and most definately A HALO exclusive and a New GEARs of WAR franchise exclusive. KOTOR is a big wish as the new MMO is coming but the first two on original Xbox was two of my all time fav's.

vickers5002481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

"It’s the idea that games will not only “run”, they will also be “enhanced”, thanks to the new hardware capabilities. Graphics, for example, could be enhanced. There are programmatic ways to improve textures, resolution or frame-rate on old games"

If that's true, I hope Sony does it as well. Just imagine Killzone 2/3, Uncharted 2/3, etc. running at a crisp 1080p with 60fps.

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Sanetoshi2482d ago

A new Xbox could definitely be announced at E3, but it seems unlikely given the recent release of Kinect. For that reason, I don't expect Halo 4 to get a version specific to the next console.

In my opinion, what would make more sense for the console would be to release a year or so after the Wii U. They'd get an opportunity to learn from the Wii U and be able to put out a more noticeably superior product with the advancements made in that extra time. Thus they increase the requirements for AAA titles and make it harder for the Wii U to secure comparable versions of multiplatform releases.

Dlacy13g2482d ago

Thats the thing... Kinect camera has been from day one being touted as a forward compatible device. So even if you bought a Kinect this year and the new Xbox comes out next year you can still use that Kinect camera on the new box.

RaidensRising2482d ago

This would be great as everyone would be happy. Xbox 720 owners get an improved version and the 60 million Xbox 360 owners still get to play the game as well.

If they can play together as well then that is just awesome progression.

the_hitman30002482d ago

i think they should also release them on pc like they did with the first two it would give some gamers a reason to windows live lol

MizTv2482d ago

how about the pc? that would be cool

ATi_Elite2482d ago

PC would get to play the 360 version but will improved graphics of course and only through Windows 8.

If you look back MS has a history of pushing the new OS with it's games.

I think with Windows 8 they will get everything right.

PsycheMax2481d ago

Problem is HALO is an awful game for pc users. :D