Drake's Fortune does for the PS3, what Mario Galaxy does for the Wii

Daily Star writes:

"After months collecting cobwebs I've finally found a reason to turn on my PS3.

That's not exactly true. I did bash a Blu-ray version of 300 through it a few weeks back.

But this isn't Sparta, "This Is Living". Or so Sony's marketing men would have us believe. But if this is living where are the games?

Of course the PS3's life cycle is still in its infancy. It's just taken Sony and the other major publishers a bit of time to get out a decent, exclusive game. Nearly a year in fact. A month ago the Wii was in a similar state, with many reviewers growing restless at the lack of original titles.

Fortunately Super Mario Galaxy changed all that.

Can Uncharted: Drake's Fortune do the same for the PS3? Most definitely.

This is an outstanding game and one that finally showcases the awesome power of the PS3."

Daily Stars verdict: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PS3, £49.99 gets 93 per cent!

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TANOD3906d ago


Uncharted: Drake's Fortune PS3, £49.99 gets 93 per cent! "

Muppetmeat3906d ago

I love this game... It's just f'in beautiful to look at. Nice and smooth, good controls. Call it a Tomb-Raider ripoff if you want, but then Halo's a Quake ripoff which is a Doom ripoff which is a Castle Wolfenstein ripoff.

TheMART3906d ago

It's worth playing if you own a PS3 already. But it's not enough to invest 400 Euro/Dollar for a PS3 for. Don't start over the games that are already there, the multiplatform versions of games are better on the 360.

So killer app for PS3 owners, yes if you like the genre.
System seller for people that are into buying a console? Not most likely.

Jandre023906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

is better on the 360? you sure about that? and the ps3 has multiple uses. it was questionable at 599, but at 399 its a steal.

Also with Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk, and UT3 coming next week there is lots to do. It has games worth the price if you have an HDTV.

Grassroots3906d ago

Mart, you are always a positive one....

There is more variety on the PS3 already than the 360. Better experience to a lot of people, but no reason to come here and say oh no the multi platform games aren't as good, blah. There will be trouble saying this with a few of the multi games coming out that are known to be lead on the PS3 thus not having these issues, Burnout Paradise, and DMC4 are two that come to mind.

TUFFnNYC3906d ago

Ive just recently joined n4g and ive come to the conclusion that your really annoying. This news is about the PS3. Leave it that way. Why come here and try and bash the system. You always make stupid remarks then get owned later on how you were wrong. Give up dude. Now, Uncharted is an amazing experience. I will give it a 9/10. Hopefully, it sells consoles. I think it will.

Vip3r3906d ago

Not all 360 multiplats are better. Oblivion, Dirt, UT3 (mods, K&M) are better. Plus COD4, DMC and other are proving to be the same.

tk3906d ago

Do you have prepared comments that you just copy and paste? How is the Microsoft Action Response Team doing? In a basement with communist books on how to undermine the competition for reading?

You can not be for real you jerk... everyone knows that. Manning the boards 24/7 bashing anything positive on PS3 must be something that the MS corporate culture dreamed up - because even a fanboy with unlimited funds and no work can not keep up the amount of posts. You must be bored out of your skull to have such an absolute stupid job hey? Having to sit in front of a computer having nothing else to do but type junk about it - knowing that all sane people know you are a joke.

But tell me - how do you guys do it? Have a round robin account - the guy from the US logs in for 8 hours - hand over to the guy on the other side - etc.. Do you get tea breaks - do you get sms every time a new article is posted that you must action or what?

ruibing3906d ago

Where does 360 fans even find the time to check out the PS3 channels?

BrianC62343906d ago

I don't see one single Xbox 1.5 game that makes me want to buy that junk. The PS3 has lots of games worth buying and this time next year you'll be crying to mommy to buy you a PS3.

Ironhide Delta3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Oddly enough I have yet to find an Xbox 1.5 game period. I've only found the excellent lineup of software developed for the Xbox 360.

felidae3906d ago

you act like a little child.

please, leave N4G!

Madbrain3906d ago

Now go and cry all over your trashbox because you can't play this miracle of gaming

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Boink3906d ago

mario is selling tons, as good as drakes is, it's not selling nearly as well as it should.

Jandre023906d ago

or it just did recently. not many ppl realize this.

Mr_Kuwabara3906d ago

The hell does sales have to do with quality?

Your logic is retarded.

Bubble Buddy3906d ago

1) no games
2)no AAA
3) too expensive)
3)only if you like the game
4)can't sell ps3s

xbots have millions of excuses...

BrianC62343906d ago

You can't force gamers to have good taste. IF that was possible Ratchet & Clank Future would be selling huge and Assassin's Creed and Kane & LYnch would be in the bargain bin. Too many gamers fall for the hype though.

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tony3906d ago

i really would like to play this game. it looks like a great game. (to anyone that had play it)does the A.I. behave realistic?

Grassroots3906d ago

The AI isn't dumb, they will flank you, and move consistantly from cover to cover.

PirateThom3906d ago

The AI is some of the best I've seen.

Baba19063906d ago

the AI is impresiv. the enemies jump around, allways take other paths and the come nearer if you hide to long. they throw granats if you have no places to run to, and they try to catch you from behind. i have never seen something that inteligent.

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