Gamers to Sony: Release more HOME Beta info. - "You watched the walkthroughs and you've seen the updates, but until PlayStation Home is released any news is still not enough news. So in a plea for more information on Home, a discussion thread was started asking Sony for more info on the service.

The thread was born after a forum thread that directly petitioned for more info was locked. (The forums didn't allow petitions). BFrosty then started a new thread that doesn't petition for more info but does give an active voice for discussion, starting with this invite:"

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Darkiewonder3943d ago

Moving on to trying to get LBP Beta now :3

TUFFnNYC3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I guess the petition was a good thing to start. But then again if Sony wants fans to still be interested in HOME then they must do more than release walkthroughs and what not. HOME is gonna be a huge expereince with many details involved. How bout releasing info on that. Like, what else can we do or devs are gonna do this and that with HOME and their games. You get what im trying to say.

lynx1halo3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

You people whine and complain and bit(h about something that it going to be both great...AND ABSOLUTELY FREE....Simply stop crying and wait till it comes out, when it does download it....if you like it great....if you dont ...DELETE IT OFF YOUR HD AND NEVER WORRY ABOUT IT AGAIN.....SHEEEEESH

EHILL3943d ago

Damn, people are so impatient with things now-a-days. There are a slew of games people could be playing not even worrying about HOME. I'm beginning to think people complain just for the hell of it. If it wasn't HOME, I'm sure it would be No in game XMB.

TheMART3943d ago

Its the same like always:

No details. Sony will delay again.

Waitstation 3 - WAITB3YOND

tethered3943d ago

You might waste less time on this site putting down all things Sony, if you actually owned the 360 and the PS3.

Owning both makes for a really balanced experience. Its a shame you guys are missing out on one or the other, but I guess thats your own fault.

I'm not sure what Sony did to hurt your feelings but my god, it must have been something huge for you to be bashing them so relentlessly. Why do you, and all other fanboys, take it so personally?

Skerj3943d ago

A PS3 killed someone he loved, it's the only logical explanation.

Chris_GTR13943d ago

the mart.. seriously all you do is troll the ps3 news posts. dont you have anything else to do? your as bad as nasim or w/e he changed his name to now.

TUFFnNYC3943d ago

Another comment by the M$ Rapid Response Team. Way to go. Another comment by Mart that has nothing to do with his baby momma the 360. Yet he still posts here. What a shame.

BubblesDAVERAGE3943d ago

You keep calling it the w8station yet, aren't you just w8ing for your system to break since its been proven time and time again Ms has not intention of permently fixing the problem just you are w8ing truly with that time bomb RROD bringer

Wozzer3943d ago

TheMART at Xboxkings is a [email protected] Simple as that.

jctoyou3943d ago

hey look how many users ignore THE MART,is he the most hated person on here?

Mark Daniel3943d ago

I don't know about you theMART, but aren't you tired of bashing the PS3 all day long? Always looking for flaws and missteps of the PS3, this is getting old.

Back to the topic:

The hyped died on me for sometime now. Unless of course they start showing news about Home again.

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The story is too old to be commented.