2011's Biggest Shooter - Ranked

The shooter genre is the one genre that dominates the current tides of gaming. In 2011 we saw some amazing new shooters launch, of those shooters some push the limits more than others. Based on quality, reviews scores, and total sales, here are the best shooters to enter the world of gaming in 2011. These results reveal some surprising details for some of the most popular shooters released this past year.

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Glad to see MW3 take it's rightful place at the bottom of the list.

Uncharted I am not sure I would put on there, I mean it's more of an adventure platformer with shooting in it. Still a good list in my opinion

TopDudeMan2535d ago

Going by critic score, it's actually 6th. Look at the user score, which is obviously not realistic. I don't even understand why they factored that in.

Cosmit2534d ago

Ha please. MW3 deserves to be on the top 5. User score is made up of nothing but trolls. And you know it.


Compared to the rest of the games on the list, no it does not. The people voting for it are just noobs who don't know what a good shooter is.

TopDudeMan2535d ago

Uncharted poops all over everything on this list. That being first really never was a surprise. Always gets all the critical acclaim.