2012 & The Possibilities Are Infinite Like Bioshock [eGamer]

2012 has arrived. Everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of their favourite games this coming year. The arrival of Bioshock Infinite will be this gaming journalist's probable highlight.

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joab7772392d ago

I have never looked so forward to quarter 1 of a new year in regards to gaming. Coming off one of the greatest fall/winters in gaming history, i had to put some great games on the backshelf. Needless to say, my 2012 begins where it ended...non-stop skyrim adventuring. It is then on to Batman, which would never have been sitting in the corner if it were not for one dragonborn. But, i am extremely excited for a release in February; A little title going by Kingdoms of Amalur. Its going to b a pleasant surprise and an amazing followup to skyrim. Following that is the release of 2 of my 3 favorite next Gen ips, mass effect 3 & bioshock infinite. Wow! Gotys r usually summer or fall releases...not this yr. Though gta5 may release in usual. If this fall is another retreading/military shooter/ sequel haven, it will stand no shot of holding its own. And i don't mean sales because, of course, treyarch will release their anual cod with no upgrades to engine or gameplay & sellmore than the last 5 goty winners combined. But, it may not matter, because the 5 aforementioned games may take me til 2013 to finish. Ill include witcher 2 for Xbox & Dishonored. cod for me again this year and I'm fine with that.

FullMetalAdam2392d ago

I agree. It's going to be an epic year for gaming

ilovemyps32392d ago

I bought the first bioshock for ps3 but actually never played it,I had no time.
Compared with today standards,is it still good and I definitely should play it?
Or is it better to use that free time and play *insert a game here*,instead of playing bioshock?
Thanks for your advices

gr33nFIEND2391d ago

Yeah, it's awesome and you should definitely still play it.