CVG previews Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Good news, gore fans. There are two things that Condemned sequel Bloodshot properly nails and it's this: tension and entrails. It's nothing less than you'd expect from coders Monolith, of course, as you take another foray onto the mean streets of Metro City for a second round of tramp baiting.

The first mission? Following former Special Crimes Unit Investigator-turned-hobo Ethan Thomas as he accompanies an FBI SWAT team into the depths of a ruined tenement in search of an elusive contact from the original game, Vanhorn.

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MK_Red3901d ago

Hope they add a lot more variety to the action and bring more than few new elements. Orignal was a fun and cool game but the melee battles became repetitive soon.

General Pinky3901d ago

that game is one of the best game out there with good story line..IF Only it was out on the PS3 everyone would say the same things i am saying..Oi dam...sorry it is not on the waiting station...joking...
I love games like just shows where games are going..
In your room with the lights Off...i know you know what i am talking about..

picker3323901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

This game is gonna be cool and scary,but sh5 gonna be scarier!
In my opinion the 1st game was jumpy but not so scary,if you know what i mean.
We'll see how scary sec is gonna be.

OOG FunK3900d ago

yea last game had great audio really got ya on edge...cant wait to play this one