Future Fantasy : "Where Does Square Goes Next With The Franchise?"

1UP writes: "The Final Fantasy series spans 20 years and more than twice as many games. A glorious past is never a guarantee of future success, and Square Enix has its work cut out for it. The series has long stood at the cutting edge of technology, presentation, and gameplay design, but Final Fantasy now faces the steeply rising cost of triple-A game development and the increasing sophistication of the competition -- to say nothing of the dissolution of the boundaries between genres. What's an RPG these days, anyway? Now that we've explored the series' past, let's take a look at its future prospects and the various facets of the flawed gem that is Final Fantasy."

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Zhuk3879d ago

Square goes to Xbox 360

Relcom3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Xbox won't get a sure AAA game from them. A single player Final Fantasy won't go to the Xbox Ever!!. Get over it damn

PStriple7033879d ago

I'm sure the sells of blue dragon show's square where rpgs on xbox are.....

Meus Renaissance3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Why aren't people just happy with the games on their platform? I don't know whether or not you want Final Fantasy or you just want to see another group of gamers lose their exclusivity for their platform.

Did you know each group has their own exclusives? So are you hater or a gamer? Because if you were the latter, you wouldn't be trying to antagonise the Playstation fans here with your comments.

You probably have the worst ignored/tracked ratio on this site.

bootsielon3879d ago

Zhuk, you're hilarious! Don't you wish there was a Score in the website that goes up every reply you get? That's what most trolls would like. Oh wait.

ruibing3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

The two RPGs on each console right now is Eternal Sonata on 360 and Folklore on PS3, both of which have sold just about the same amount despite Eternal Sonata's better review and 360's larger user base. Do you 360 fans even like JRPGs all that much or do you simply just not want anything to ever come to the PS3? Because if you did like JRPGs then you must either have a large PS2 library because that is where almost all the biggest JRPGs are. Just be happy we'll both sharing Last Remnant.

Foliage3879d ago

I think the xbot factory is running out of screws.

Kakkoii3878d ago

Yes cause Xbox is the one with a new Final Fantasy series in the makes for it already...

Oh wait no.. That's the WII!

I think Square will start to stick to the Wii more but with still some work on the PS3.

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Naruto3879d ago

the article reads: PS3, Wii, DS,PSP and Mobile

green3879d ago

i taught they were co-developing infinite undiscovery for the 360.Also Last Rembrandt wasnt mentioned.
Frankly i think after FF13,they should take a long brake from the franchise.

Danja3879d ago

After FF13 and Versus...they need to announce a FF7 PS3 remake....

ruibing3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

I believe Tri-Ace is doing the development and Square Enix is just publishing it like they did with those PS2 titles. And I am still waiting for them to announce whether they are making Star Ocean 4 an exclusive or cross platform. A new Valkryie profile would be nice too, as I enjoyed both Lenneth and Silmeria.

Naruto3879d ago

the article is talking about FINAL FANTASY ONLY

green3879d ago

I taught it was Square in general.

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