Need for Speed ProStreet for Wii - Play Review 40%

Play writes:

"Unfortunately for the Wii, that's one area it's otherwise excellent motion control falls down and driving games in particular are going to suffer. Take Need for Speed ProStreet for example, in a game already blessed with less than wonderful handling on other formats, tilting the Wii remote like a steering wheel feels even less responsive than it should for the simple reason that you get no real sense you're pushing the car as hard as you can. While people may moan that the handling is un-responsive on other formats they're at least able to really feel how unresponsive it is because they've got they're analogue stick slammed hard against the unmoving plastic of the game pad and the car's still turning like an oil tanker. On the Wii you're left flailing around turning your arms into some kind of human corkscrew in the vain hope that possibly at some point the car will respond as it should and you'll feel like you've hit left or right lock."

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MK_Red3820d ago

Well, Nintendo announced WiiWheel for racing games.
But really, NFS:PO isn't a really good game one PS3 / 360 where it has at least good graphics and online play.

Bubble Buddy3819d ago

EA sports is going downhill, cept maybe for skate and NHL any maybe even fifa. Their normal games are getting to be sucky too...