Mass Effect (9.5/10) and Uncharted (9/10) - Herald & Review

Herald & Review columnist Aimee Green reviews Mass Effect and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in her Monday (Dec. 10) column:

"Whether you have an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation, there is a good system-exclusive game out there for you. For 360 owners, there's Mass Effect, an action role-playing game from the creators of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Meanwhile, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune offers PlayStation 3 owners a fantastic combination of third-person shooting and platform puzzle solving."

Green on Mass Effect: "Mass Effect is one of the most in-depth games I've played. A lot of work was put into the little details, and it really shows. While people who only like to run-and-gun might find its pace a bit slow, most players quickly will find themselves absorbed."

On Uncharted: "The characters are all so endearing that you really care if something happens to them. The only downside to Uncharted is it's a bit short, maybe eight to 10 hours total. But a system of rewards will keep players coming back."

Game Ratings:
• Mass Effect: 9.5/10
• Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: 9/10

[ Scores based on an evaluation of gameplay (4 points), visuals (2), sound (2) and replayability/value (2). ]

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ktchong3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

This reviewer has played both games.

Zhuk3876d ago

Mass Effect is another classic RPG from famed developers Bioware, Uncharted is another forgettable PS3 exclusive.

I know which title history will remember

PirateThom3876d ago

Uncharted another game from famed developers Naughty Dog....

Baba19063876d ago

you never get tired do you ? hihihih.zhuk, i hope you never get the joy of playing uncharted. it would make you realize how stupid your comments are.

JokesOnYou3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Well nothing against Uncharted my roomate actually brought it instead of renting it like he does with most ps3 games, its a cool game, great graphics, but imo not much lasting appeal/replay value, but hey its a good game so thats good for ps3 owners. These are two totally different genre/type games so the score is not suppose to be a comparison but even in the rpg category ME is just a breath of fresh air, it looks great, the hybrid rpg/shooter mix is fun to play and the story is so dynamic it really draws you in with anticipation about what the charachters will do next, the dialogue system with the voice acting is definitely unmatched, IF not for the texture loading at begining of levels and after cutscences, which is the only glitch I've seen in the whole game then I have no doubt this game would have been a easy landslide choice for GOTY, damm you Bioware for being so close to perfect in my eyes, damm you, but hey it is what it is and I'd take ME over alot of other games that run perfect and still turn out mediocore. I just finished creating my character for the my second playthrough, ha ha I'm gonna try some new "things", so this time around I'm a chick, yeah you guys know whats up, lmfao @ the haters=


Lord Cheese3876d ago

Not sure what i'm missing, but am i the only person in the world who doesnt really see the point of playing through ME more than once? I mean, you've seen the story (as brilliant as it is) and the only thing that would really change is the nature of the combat (if you switch class) and some of the interpersonal bits (if you change the sex of your char). Not criticising the game at all, but i just dont get the point unless you're achievement hunting - but then why not use the same char again.....

ShiftyLookingCow3876d ago

well I played as an adept, so I had no access to shotguns or assault rifles. So I am playing now with soldier class(its much more than slightly changed). And also it a lot of fun to play with my level 50 Adept again(with a higher difficulty level anyway).

PS360WII3876d ago

replay is very nice in Mass Effect. I'm on my 3rd run now. First time I was a nice/bad guy and adept. Second time I was a tech/soldier who was a noble icon. Third I'm a soldier with a big old chip on my shoulder.

PirateThom3876d ago

I don't think it was comparing the games, I think the two reviews just came from the same source and, rather than post them separately, just lumped them together.

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