Game Almighty Review: Undertow (9/10)

Almighty Review by Sam Sollars on 12/07/07:

"This game is great, but this is a tough time for it to release. Hopefully it'll see some resurfacing popularity after the flood of titles this holiday season, but right now it's just afloat in a sea of great games so it's hard to get noticed. It's great fun whether online or in single player and there's some great support coming from the development team."

The Good:
• Great graphics and atmosphere
• Great gameplay
• Ton of fun online

The Evil:
• Can be relentlessly tough at times
• Not a big enough online community

Average Score: 9 (out of 10)

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wageslave3904d ago

XBLA games are going to have to stand against Xbox Originals. Should be good for gamers as XBLA titles like Untertow step up their game.