eBayer wants $15000 for Darth Vader Wii

The Star Wars Wii features a black finish and dramatic red LED illumination, befitting of the Dark Side of the Force. The console also includes a pair of black Wii-mote and Nunchuk controllers and a black sensor bar to complete the look. It's hard to tell from the photos and the listing how the console was embellished (not sure if it's paint or vinyl decals), but for $15k, I'd hope it was hand detailed.

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Alvadr3516d ago

So im faced with a decision, should I get that car Ive been wanting, or should a buy a Nintendo Wii.

LOL, good luck selling that.

I Call 9MM3516d ago

Now, I know the Wii's have been a little overpriced lately, but this takes the cake. Whoever (if anyone) buys this either has too much money, or is a complete idiot.

ShadoWulf3516d ago

It's fake. What a scam. Just look at the wiimote.

wiizy3516d ago

i expect it to sell in the next 10mns

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3516d ago

This is Sony in disguise. They are desperate to make money so the've been buying Wii's and reselling them on ebay.

Bubble Buddy3516d ago

stopped reading when you said "This..."

cr33ping_death3516d ago

one more bubble then youre automatically ingnored. :)

Bnet3433516d ago

he'll just make another account like very other 1 bubbled idiot. N4G needs to start IP banning.

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The story is too old to be commented.