LG Unveils Upgraded Blu-Ray Discs

LG Electronics has unveiled two kinds of Blu-ray discs ? Blu-ray disc rewritable (BD-RE) and Blu-ray disc recordable (BD-R).

The discs have a storage capacity of 25 gigabytes, making it possible to store a full high-definition movie or even save contents compatible with six DVDs, according to the company.

The discs are protected with a special hard coat technology layer to shield the recording surface from scratches, dust and fingerprints, which sometimes cause playback errors.

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issa30323787d ago

Good stuff. First post! I really hope the best format wins..

TANOD3787d ago

It can hold upto 200gig...TDK is bringing out that disc sometime next year

LinuxGuru3787d ago

200 gigs?????


*craps pants*

That's 5 times the size of my laptop hard drive.....

Bladestar3787d ago

lol... since blu-ray is not a lot faster in terms of read and right speed... I Can imagine how long it will take to copy, move or read 200GB of data... what do you think? 6 hours? 10 hours? lol. I can imagine an error disk on the 178GB stage....

Do you know why people prefer hard drives for backup instead of discs?

Do you know why companies never adopted DVD or any disc for backups.. instead many of them still use magnetic tapes for backups?

Do you know that Discs decay over time? Do you know that it's a lot easier to recover data from a burned hard drive than it's from a scratched disc?

I know these are question that you don't have to ask yourself... which is why you don't matter... which is why 200GB disc is just made to impress the people that don't know crap...

Did you know that a blank blu-ray disc 200GB would cost more than a 200GB hard drive?

let me stop.. this is a waste of time.

Guwapo773787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Good stuff.

Purplemalk3787d ago

I don't see why they are calling this new media. I got a 25GB BD-RE with my Dell 4 months ago as part of the "Blu-Ray bonus pack" you get when you get a Blu-Ray burner as your optical drive.

tk3787d ago

Purplemalk... for the market it is new...
Good to see the writable disks coming to market and the writers becoming available. About time too.

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