JR now offering Blu Ray movie titles from as low as 9.99$

You find quite a number of titles being priced for 9.99$ with the notables being Hitch,Dracula,Memento and Into the Blue.

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FirstknighT3879d ago

That's what I'm talking about!!!!!!! I own a blu ray player but will not purchase a movie for $25-$30. This is more like it. Good list of movies too...looks like I'm doing some Christmas shopping for myself.

TANOD3879d ago

People want cheaper movies rather than a cheaper drive. However this is a very good move . I think since SONY has seen that the ps3 has reached a safe point (expected to reach 9m according to Vgcharts by this year) they are focusing now on ending the format war which is likely to end by this year i believe

blackmagic3878d ago

Good deal, basically a BOGO sale with $20 Sony titles since you have to buy 2 to get the deal. Still, I ordered Layer Cake and the Pursuit of Happiness bringing my HD collection up to 11 Blu-rays and 88 HD DVDs!

MaximusPrime3879d ago

wow thats cheap.

As low as 9.99 USD? thats below a fiver in the UK.

TANOD3879d ago

I think this is what the consumers want for XMAS

Gordii3879d ago

I wish i had euro money so it was even cheaper lol XD i will pick up a few now though

Relcom3879d ago

I'll actully buy them now. Good news for me. Bout time the went down in price

PStriple7033879d ago

i'm gonna buy some that's a steal!

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The story is too old to be commented.