Samsung's BD-P1400 Blu-ray player sinks below $300

With prices on HD DVD players in a perpetual state of free fall, it was only a matter of time before the slashings bled over to the other camp. Sure enough, Samsung's fairly well spec'd BD-P1400 -- which was announced at $549 and sold at $499 in late August -- has sunk to $298.76 at Amazon. In case you needed a refresher, this one's packing 1080p24 support, Dolby Digital Plug / True HD, DTS HD, HDMI 1.3, 1080p DVD upconversion and a pretty snazzy design, too. And hey, if you need extra incentive, there's always the five free flicks that come along with it.

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TANOD3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Unlike the low priced HD DVD standalone players which could play only 1080i this Samsung BD player actually does full 1080p.

Hopefully format war comes to an end by this year

sonarus3936d ago

u mean full 1080p. i think its lame that hd-dvd stand alone dosent support 1080p. Most ppl probably dnt own 1080p tv sets but if you are going to promote hd promote hd.

TANOD3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Ofcourse the high end ones do but the ones released for 100$ /200$ from Toshiba dont do 1080p

I meant full 1080p

Thx SONARUS for the clarification

ITR3936d ago

You do realize Amazon is selling the HDA30 plus 10(was 12disc yesterday) disc deal for $249.
At $359.98 you get the HDA35 and 10 discs.

Even without the extra discs...the HDA30 is selling at $298-299 all over with just the current 7 disc deal.

We sell this Samsung and it needs a firmware upgrade right away to fix the BD+ issues.
This is also a profile 1.0 as well not the newer 1.1 profile.
Now would I sell it over the BDPS300....hellz yeah!
But not over the Sony ES BD player.

Muppetmeat3936d ago

The format war will never come to an end if Macro$shaft has anything to say about it. They want it in a perpetual stalemate because they don't control either format. Once they have their movie download service working so they can charge either per-view or per-day fees for ALL movies (you'll never truly own a copy of a movie for the rest of your life thanks to them), they'll go into the home entertainment area and try to crush the competition there.

lawman11083936d ago

And for the record, you CAN NOT see the diff between 1080i and 1080p with the naked eye so just stop it.

blackmagic3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Lawman, there are better ways to make your point. This kind of behaviour only propagates and truly makes it more difficult for others to make the same point. Yesterday I got into a discussion in which I ended up calling another a 'droid' which I truly regret. (PS3PCFTW, I apologise if you see this)

1080i60 and 1080p60 signals are both capable of carrying a 1080p24 source without loss. 1080p60 just repeats data. Actually 1080i60 also repeats some data but not as frequently as 1080p60. If there is a degradation, it is due to the television having a poor/cheap de-interlacer built into it not because there is missing data in the 1080i60 datastream. If you own a 576p, 720p, 768p, 1080i or one of the oddball 1024x1024 or 1024x1080 resolution HDTVs then why would you want to spend $100-$200 more just to get a player that outputs 1080p, a feature that is useless to you? Be smart, if you own one of these sets, save your money and when you upgrade to a 1080p set in the future, use that saved money to upgrade to the latest 1080p player. It'll likely be less than $100 by then. Only the entry level Toshiba player is 1080i. All other players are 1080p. All the encodes on HD DVD discs are 1080p.

wallace10003936d ago

"if you are going to promote hd promote hd" - Sonarus

Last time i checked 720p, 1080i were high definition too, therefore your statement is flawed!

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sonarus3936d ago

is this a permanenr or temporary move. if permanent expect all blu ray players to see price drops to be more competitive with hd-dvd hardware.

TANOD3936d ago

you can get a BD writer for 300$ from Tigerdirect.

I think SONY believes that it is the right time to finish the format war as the PS3 has already sold over 7m units and is expected to reach 8/9m by the end of this year SONY thinks that lets not rely on PS3 for BD sales ..lets just focus on the movie addicts as the BD and PS3 are both at safe points

blackmagic3936d ago

These are likely sales meant to clear the profile 1.0 stock in preperation for the profile 1.1 players coming in the new year.

jorellpogi3936d ago

With those specs, that price is hard to resists. A good move by Samsung and BD group.

TANOD3936d ago

Harry Potters will decide the Warner's nod for Blu Ray.

I have no doubt that Harry Potter on Blu Ray would outsell the HD DVD counterparts

PS3PCFTW3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

i agree with 1 -3.1.

+bubbles 4 all

u know bots are idiots when they say " but thats the cheap one".........when most of the hddvd players bought dont even output at 1080p24.

it never ceases to surprise me just how much they despise sony.

wallace10003936d ago

What percentage of the market own HDTVs that accept 1080p24, let alone 1080p? Mine sure doesn't and it is only a year old! I was looking at this Blu-ray player though because i do like the samsung products. Right now though if i was going to go buy an HD player i would go HD-A3 because i don't need 1080p and because at futureshop right now you get a total of 9 movies free whereas i would only get 5 with the the sammy and it costs more. Also the reviews comparing the HD DVD players and Blu-ray players are fairly similar. Not enough difference to justify the extra coin.

lou3936d ago

I hope they advertise it. We could see a big pick up in standalone Blu-Ray player sells.

TANOD3936d ago

But trust me

we will see BD Harry Potter outsell HD DVD counterpart and finally we will see the exclusive BD nod from Warners. I am quite sure about that

lawman11083936d ago

Amazon has deals everyday and then just like sales numbers of R&C and Uncharted......POOF........... . They are GONE!

whoelse3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Hopefully this isn't just on amazon, but on all the the other retailers too.

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