New releases in upcoming week in Japan (12/10 - 12/16)

Only major games are listed. All these titles will release on the same day, 12/13:

• Wii - NiGHTS, Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon
• DS - None
• PS3 - Grand Turismo 5: Prologue
• PS2 - None
• PSP - Deep Red
• Xbox 360 - Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

First Shipments Info:

• NiGHTS (Wii): about 90k
• PSP Deep Red: about 100k

Original source: Sinobi (Japanese)

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sonarus3874d ago

I wish i lived in Japan for prologue. Yes i knw its a demo but its hard to describe how it feels behind the logitech wheel with in car view, The gorgeous graphics still make me drool after my 50th play thru lol. Still keeping my fingers crossed for damage modelling in the final release. This for me is more for online play so ppl dnt jst cheat their way thru races.

ruibing3874d ago

Yep I know how you feel. Every game released in North America doesn't take long before they find their way to Japan, but Japanese games either take a long time or simply never come here. I just hope GT5 will be a simultaneous worldwide release. I've played through GT3 and GT4, but I can't wait for GT5 to blow them out of the water.

MK_Red3874d ago

NiGHTs and GT5 Prologue, 2 big must haves. Hope they both meet commercial success.

Rikitatsu3874d ago

i wonder how much the PS3 sales will spark after its release

sonarus3874d ago

considering this is jst a prologue a demo so to speak sales may not boost as high as we want. However i see this as a test to the selling power of gran turismo. I mean if you can sell systems off a demo alone you must have a really special game.

felman873874d ago

How I envy the Japanese. (This isn't a very import friendly game,what with everything being in Japanese)

ruibing3874d ago

Too bad localization for a game isn't as fast as fansubbing for animes...

Korosuke3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

It's not RPG, just grab the wheel and kick the pedal...easy to handle, I think...

Sevir043873d ago

but yes this game should amazingly well for Japan. PS3 sales has been at 40-50K weekly in japan, Wii fit Boosted Wii sales to 76K last week, i think PS3 sales will likely hit it's all time High with this Game/Demo it should prove interesting for Japan i cant wait and that nights 2 looks cool as well.

goldenxbox3874d ago

I will be watching to see what happens with that one, right on the heel of Lost Odyssey !!!!

I wonder if it will make the charts at all or not thats a good game KUF !!

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