First Xbox Entertainment Lounge in India India - Dec 9, 2007:

In a bid to encourage the gaming culture in India, Xbox 360 has launched a first-of-its-kind "Xbox Entertainment Lounge" within the 'Mobile Store' at Walkeshwar in Mumbai, India.

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Salvadore3904d ago

What is so special with India?

MaximusPrime3904d ago

im thinking the same thing.

Bnet3433903d ago

in 2006, game sales were up dramatically, since India is a big country, Microsoft sees it as an area with high expectations for Xbox 360 to strive in.

FamilyGuy3904d ago

Maybe it's the amount of people there?

Anyway, this "lounge" is within the "mobile store"? Sounds like a "Home" fighter

Boink3904d ago

it must be pretty hot in there with those 360's running all the time:)

couldn't resist;)

persian_prince3904d ago

over 1 billion ppl living in a small country...thats why india is important now...MS wants to tap in to some of that greasy, obnoxiously scented market (yea, you heard me...if you ever been to india u know what im talking about).

Bnet3433903d ago

but try to keep it to a minimum, I think there a Arabian dude here.

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