European Developers Sign 'Video Game Manifesto'

DeveloperMag - December 7, 2007:

Six European games development trade associations have signed a 'Video Game Manifesto' which they hope will help government ministers understand the cultural impact of video games – and perhaps help aid the argument as to why games should get local tax credits.

The letter is signed by six member organisations of the European Game Developers Federation, which was formed a year ago.

UK's Tiga, French association APOM, Finnish group Neogames, Benelux's BGIn, the Danish Producers Association and German association GAME are all signatories of the letter, which is also intended to argue the case for why games should be worthy of state support and protection. It has been sent to a number of EU bodies by APOM boss, and Quantic Dream co-CEO, Guillaume de Fondaumiere.

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Muppetmeat3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

If there's one thing to Europee-ons are good at it's signing strongly-worded pieces of paper that actually hold nobody to nothing.
At least they can braid their girlfriend's armpit hair.