CNET: Playing With PS Vita Till We Sweat

Cnet: The Vita looks to be a slick and impressive portable gaming system, but the lack of an included memory card prevents it from playing games out of the box.


I have had confirmation that I already posted this video earlier, CNET just dressed it up as a different article. I apologise for the mistake and would like to remove this submission but there isn't an option for deletion after approval. MODS, if you're out there please delete this submission as a duplicate, thanks.

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BiggsnWedge2300d ago

Didn't CNET have a story yesterday that Sony won't even ship PSV out to North America cause it will fail or something?

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GribbleGrunger2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

@Chrisw. then how do you account for the huge sales of the 3Ds? are you saying that it's just a coincidence that it's Christmas over there too?

ChrisW2299d ago

I don't actually understand your question. Nor as to how you got so many 'Agrees' for a somewhat incomprehensible question concerning why the 3DS sold so well. And to be honest, I don't know why, either. But maybe, just maybe, because it's more popular? I don't know.

Anywayzzz.... I'll try to clarify what I posted prior.

What I was saying is that Christmas has no impact on console and game sales in Japan. First and foremost, Japan only has about a 1% Christian population base. So obviously they don't celebrate Christmas like western countries do. Secondly, and you can look this up yourself, the only thing Japanese really buy is 'Christmas Cake'. It's an overpriced $30 - $40 dollar layer-cake for about 3 or 4 people. There are also stockings for children, but they are only filled with simple toys and candy. However once again, I will reiterate, Christmas in Japan has no impact on console and game sales. It's the "Year-End-Bonuses" that salary workers get. And it is normally 2 to 2&1/2 months worth of pay. I received mine on December 22nd. (The 22nd of each month is my normal pay day.)

Now... looking at the 11 or so "Disagrees" I got for posting simple non-bias facts, I'm damn happy this is my last bubble to post my opinion on this. Quite annoying, if you ask me!

GribbleGrunger2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Chrisw, you appear to have done it again. i find it really odd. the reason the 3Ds has sold so well this Christmas in Japan is because consoles always sell more at Christmas. that shows quite clearly that, regardless of what you have read, they DO buy products for gifts just like everywhere else. it doesn't matter why, it happens. unless, like i said, you think it's just a coincidence. how can you persist with that notion when the proof is there to read and has been there to read every single Christmas since consoles existed

SephirothX212299d ago

You're making too much sense for this site. Go elsewhere. This is a Sony fanboy site where users will deny any negativity aimed towards Sony or any of their products. I love the PS3 and I'm personally interested in the Vita but from the sales it is clear that more people are interested in the 3DS atm.

kikizoo2299d ago

@amnesia boyz, do you remember how much the 3Ds sold in first weeks ? 3Ds was doooomed, and now, cheaper, with enough marketing, it sell, and vita, ebing by far the best one in his category, will sell, like psp, like ps3 (who sold better than competition each years, despite the "ps3 is doomed" propaganda), vita has very long legs.

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DivineHand1252299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

There was no such story. It was a 30 minute video with their year end predictions for 2012. In the video they spook about allot of things such as where they think social networking is going, what will netflix and amazon do, future ipad etc.

In that video they dedicated about 30 seconds to gaming and predicted that 2012 will be the year where we will see that the traditional handheld gaming market will show clear signs of shrinking and one of them made a joke about the psv might not even be released in NA because the market for that product have moved on to something else. The fanboys ofcourse saw this and blew it out proportion.

cjflora2299d ago

Aren't these guys journalists though? What if your 5 0'clock news anchor just laughed and said "Terrorists will probably blow up New York in the next 3 months."

DivineHand1252299d ago

Your confusing the gravity of the situation and that makes your analogy invalid. There is no way joking about the psv not being released in NA the same as joking about a terrorist attack happening in new york on 5 0'clock news.

Sheikh Yerbouti2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )


No nothing that grave...but it is like what everyone decries HipHopGamer for. I thought it was quite lame when I read the title. Podcast was cool though.

SilentNegotiator2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

No one is going to watch a 30 minute video to see what those moron's opinions are on the latest playstation system. Not when they've repeatedly made FUD and articles like "Buy this $1000 laptop instead of the recently price dropped ps3!!". When they write articles that insane, it's fair enough that someone make an assumption about Cnet other than watch one of their long, boring videos.

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Legion2299d ago

No. That story has now been disapproved due to the poster sensationalizing a portion of the story that did not actually occur.

[The guy said that 2012 would see the handheld gaming going on its way out. Also, he commented that the Vita is out overseas and that it would release in Feb 2012 in US. The girl said "it probably won't even..." and got cut off when he says it probably will but people will realize it's not worth it. So the actual prediction that Vita will not launch in North America was never made.]

It was mentioned during the previous video that the device is 2 years too late and that interest has already waned on it.

We will just have to see how the US launch goes. Japan appears to have lost interest already.

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smashcrashbash2300d ago

@ blaaah . They sold almost every VITA they initially shipped. They haven't even had a chance to ship more and people are already with the doom articles. How is selling most of what you shipped disappointing? Disappointing to who?

Before they got better games later on the PSP was beating the 3DS in Japan. I didn't hear anyone using the word disappointing then. What happened to the same 'give it a chance' attitude everyone had with the 3DS? What, that doesn't apply to Sony's stuff or something?

MaideninBlack2300d ago

It's from Sony. Everyone would rather see Sony fail at everything they do thus comes the doom and gloom comments and articles. It's been like this since the PS3 and the American "gaming media" have been the biggest culprits to the practice.

chadwarden2300d ago

The question is why? Why, since the emergence of apple and samsung has the media grown this negative attitude against sony? The only one that knows that answer is apple...since that's what the media has been telling me. /s

Sheikh Yerbouti2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I've learned that most game writers are English majors and not industry vets, they dream up reasons for Sony to fail. So I'm still getting mine...maybe my fifth PSP along with it. I didn't expect Vita to topple the 3DS, besides timid launch sales isn't always seen as an instant failure by Sony, and wisely so. Hopefully we will see a price drop before holiday 2012, and Vita can build off what PSP has accomplished.

insomnium22299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Silly you. PS3 and PSV doesn't get the "give it time" attitude since they are Sony.

Seriously if I think about this it might have something to do with bitter xbox and dreamcast fanboys and the way PS2 destroyed them.

I wasn't on the internets back then but I as sure as hell would've defended any good console from biased and baseless bashing back then. I heard that the console war was pretty bad back then and xbox and dc got run over by the colossal success of ps2. I'm pretty sure that PS3 looks like a pretty sweet target in the eyes of those bitter fanboys who got run over back then.

Now Sony doesn't get ANY breaks from the media at all untill they are destroyed I assume. People seem to be very hungry for blood when it comes to Sony consoles so this is the only logical explanation I can come up with.

I've been wondering this for years now and it still goes on it seems. It's bound to get much worse as we get closer to next gen. There will be blood and I already know what color that blood will be. I dare you world, surprize me on this one.

axisofweevils2299d ago

I hate to say it, but everyone was calling the 3DS launch a failure.

Nobody was saying "give it a chance".

Studio-YaMi2299d ago

Not as much as any sony console or handheld

SweatyFlorida2299d ago

@Blaaah clearly a troll that doesn't know crap about anything. The Vita sold somewhere of 320k in it's first two days, passing the first two days the PsP initially sold when that came out years ago. 3DS sold a whopping 370k in it's first two days, only about 50k more, and that was released in a time period where there was barely any games to buy or compete with.

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MasterCornholio2300d ago

I refuse to click on this article because the other day CNET claimed that Sony would cancel their plans to bring the Vita to the USA. After that they lost all credibility.

chadwarden2300d ago

They made that "claim" as more of a joke than an actual statement since they seem to think portable gaming consoles are dead. They think that iphones and android phones are taking over. On that claim they have lost credibility.

ChrisW2300d ago


Exactly. I also think that many people didn't even listen to the podcast. The whole conversation prior to and after was about portables quickly loosing their market share to smartphones.

chadwarden2300d ago


Yea I'm sure most of the people here just read the title and went into uber fanboy mode. Most of their predictions were just for fun and off the wall and not what they truly believe. Ex. Web OS making a comeback. Everyone and their great grandma knows that's not going to happen.

Kurisu2300d ago

I listened to the podcast myself last night, and they didn't actually say "It won't release". The guys were like "It releases in February" then the woman said "it probably won't, even". Then the guys was like " it will". The wording of the N4G topic title blew it out of proportion, really.

ChrisW2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Well said Kurisu!


The place where gamers come to nag about things they know little of!

MasterCornholio2300d ago

I didn't listen to a pod cast but I read an article on it. So they could have changed the info quite a bit.


HelghastDrake2300d ago

The PS what? Psssh, sorry guys. I will be too busy playing Angry Birds and Doodle jump on my iPhone. What true gamer would want Resistance 3 and COD on the go that looks and plays like the PS3 version AND has online multiplayer. Screw that, true hardocore gamers like me play doodle jump on the iPhone biatchess!

Spenok2299d ago

Dont forget Words With Friends!!!

NeloAnjelo2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

CNET... they sound excited in the video, and impressed, yet they continue with the DOOM articles.

Japan doesn't celebrate Xmas, the PSP wasn't far off these sales, the 3DS had a slow start, UC is a western game... these facts make sense yet? Give it time. Its early to make judgements on the systems success. I wish articles would state this more clearly as they only stir up doubt.

Kurisu2299d ago

Yea the only real gripe they have in this video review is the fact that you are *required* to purchase a seperate memory card to run many of the applications and some games. That is not on, really, but what can we do about it? Vita is still my most anticipated hardware release ever and nothing is going to change that :) roll on 22nd February.

NeloAnjelo2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I agree that the cards are expensive. But Sony is a business. People seem to forget that a cheap yet functional smartphone is about £300. With all the Vita offers its a bargain.

I won't be downloading games which I can get on physical media, since I like having a collection to display. I will definitely use it for movies and TV shows when travelling though. Just like I did with the previous PSP.

Looking forward to this I have already pre-ordered.

moparful992299d ago

Sony uses proprietary media so as to save on costs(dont have to purchase third party) and mostly to cut down on piracy... But of course they get castrated because of this... If sony decided to use a simple sd card for their games then piracy would be a HUGE issue and they would be ripped apart for that... Nothing sony does is ever good enough for the media...

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