Capsule Computers' 2011 Game of the Year Awards

2011 was one of the biggest years in gaming history. Join Capsule Computers as we celebrate the biggest and best of the last 12 months in categories such as Best Xbox 360, Best PS3, Best Wii, Game of the Year, and even Best Boxart.

Do your picks match ours? Follow the link to find out!

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futurefrog2213d ago

Great awards Capsule Computers! Can't believe what won the big one haha ;)

masterabbott2213d ago

I think that game of the year that won deserved it. As a matter of fact all games that won were spot on

discordman2213d ago

Indeed. Skyrim for the win :)

koga882213d ago

I'd definitely have to say they got the best box art correct at least. Though I wouldn't have said that the best DLC of the year was something for Dragon Age. Clearly should be Old World Blues.

discordman2213d ago

I liked DQ6's art myself. And Kirby of course

futurefrog2213d ago

Assassins Creed should be GAME OF THE YEAR!

discordman2213d ago

It was good, but Skyrim is Skyrim :)

masterabbott2212d ago

Im happy that GEARS 3 won something as its an awesome game !!