China to release PLA war simulation video game

China plans to release a war simulation video game for its public, called the 'Glorious Mission' that reportedly targets US troops.

The "red" game made headlines earlier this year as the first video game training simulation for China's armed forces. The trailer of the first-person shooter war simulation game and its videos had become popular on the microblog networks.

The game would be released for public by May 2012 Zhang at Wuxi Giant Network Technology Inc, co-developer of The Glorious Mission along with Nanjing Military Command told the Game Developers Conference in Shanghai (GDC Shanghai), state-run China Daily reported today.

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blaaah2459d ago

Oh wow, I can't wait to play as the chinese army against the US troops only to be defeated eventually! lol.


^^ China is at #3. It would take military genius on their part to defeat the US...

TruthbeTold2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

China's army numbers more than the entire U.S. population, they have the latest anti-missile missiles, and their navy is so good with their huge submarine fleet, it pretty much has made Aircraft carriers obsolete. That largely lessens the ability of the U.S. to effectively mobilize its greatest non-nuclear strength, the Airforce. It would be an ugly, hugely destructive war that pretty much neither country would emerge from with anything positive, if at all.

Elwenil2459d ago

You really have no idea what you are talking about. Anyone who follows military technology knows full well that China is at least 10 years behind the US and NATO in tech. Hell, they just launched their first aircraft carrier a week or so ago and most of it was built by the Soviet Union and bought by the Chinese. At best China would hit us with their long range missiles that are very inaccurate but their Navy doesn't stand a chance against the US and they don't really have an Air Force to speak of. Infantry numbers don't really mean much if they can't bring them to bear.

r2kcipher2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

china defeating the us is one of the silliest internet myths. im not saying it cant happen its just highly unlikely. alot of ground troops make perfect targets, for what the u.s. does best, airstrikes, and guided missiles.

TruthbeTold2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Elwenil, I do follow military technology, and what regional capabilities are, which lets me know that you are the one who doesn't know what he's talking about. I love my country. (The U.S.) But I'm not so arrogant, or deceived as to believe that their infantry is meaningless, and that in a war with them Aircraft carriers would make a difference. They currently have ocean dominance on this planet with their nuclear subs, which makes all the difference in the world. Kool aid drinkers/blind 'America, Hell Yeah' people don't know/accept this though...

Elwenil2458d ago

Well if you are so up on tech and China's military, then you know that what we have learned about their subs is from us tailing them with our subs and listening in, just like we did with the Soviets during the Cold war. They may have a lot of them, but so did Germany in WWII and look how well that worked. Our stealth technology far exceeds the Chinese and we also can detect their subs long before they could do any serious damage. We take out their sub bases with a few strikes and then most of them are dead in the water. The game plans are already in place and I'm confident that bringing the conflict to a stalemate will not take long, nor will the US suffer much damage. A nation, regardless of size, that has '80s technology simply cannot stand up to a well supplied nation with modern technology. Obama's weak policies have empowered and emboldened the Chinese but at the end of the day, they are still struggling to copy everyone else's technology and only managing to do it with household electronics. The facts are there in plain sight and only foolish governments like North Korea and Iran ignore them.

Any war would be serious and a conflict with China would have far reaching and serious consequences, especially if China continues to put progress in front of human rights, but I think the US is safe unless China decides to bring nuclear weapons into play which would pretty much get them blacklisted by the entire world. To this day the largest threat to US and her interests are small "rogue" nations with WMDs and the somewhat unpredictable Russians. China is a threat and one to be taken seriously, but nothing I would lose any sleep over for the next decade or so.

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OcularVision2459d ago

So the people in the US censors movies and games that depict the Chinese as antagonists, and now they're doing this. That's class.

XxZxX2459d ago

clueless kids, you realize how many people will die if the war break loose.. Sure US might win but you might not live to see it, I guaranteed. It will be a very ugly war.

Firepower doesn't mean squat man, the world #1 can't even win the Vietnam/Korean war. When world top 5 collide, it will be very very ugly...

Hufandpuf2459d ago

one on one China cannot defeat the U.S. Also, everyone is allies with China so it'd be likely It wouldn't only be China vs. US.

killerhog2459d ago

There's a difference between amity and friendship. Yes people trade with china but it doesn't mean theyre allies or friends. Don't be surprise if these "Chinese allies" side with the U.S ( obviously not including communist countries)

Hufandpuf2459d ago

if they are friends and trade with China then they WILL fight to keep their trade going. With America in economic decline who would really risk putting in all the chips to defend a country that can't give them back anything in return?

killerhog22459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

They're called 'democratic countries'. You do know that Britain, SK, Canada, etc., trade with china but will not side with them in a war against the U.S right? The only countries that would, would be communist countries and thats IF they feel aiding china is to their best interest/benefit. They would be going against a super power filled with allies (and themselves) that have real WMD's. Think about it the U.S was smart in blockading most communist countries from having wmd's even though the US and their allies have been stock piling them. Also educate yourself the U.S has been giving to other countries. Also the U.S has untapped resources that they can outsource to other countries. Oil is running out but most don't know the U.S has a lot of untapped oil.

XxZxX2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

If crazy war like this started, every one will try to stay out of it to prevent World War III, however some NATO allies will definitely stick together. With that, it is enough to prevent China from starting a stupid war like this, so It is more like for US to start a war. but if that's the case, they will lose their NATO allies as well. so it's pretty much one on one, and if the war between US and China started, the winner will go to Russia, since both will be so weak remain as world power.

Bottomline, both side will be too chicken to start a war. instead both side will launch media attack against each others. Ohh how US gonna kick china ass with their awesome technology, and how china manwave gonna overwhelm US. In reality, no one dare to make a move. We just all got caught is China and US publicity stunts.

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killerhog2459d ago

Actually in Vietnam we went in their to prevent the south from being overruled by the north which we succeeded in preventing. The north only made it into south Veitnam when the U.S pulled out when we lost support from the American people. Also the Korean war? Really? That's why NK is a shithole compared to south Korea? There's a reason why south Korea is richer in resources compared to the north. Here's a hint the U.S had a role in it.

qwertyz2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

It is MUTUALLY assured destruction if the U.S/NATO starts war with china and Russia(who are close allies) it will be the LAST war either side EVER engages in. why else do you think NATO didn't intervene when Russia invaded Georgia ? because NATO cannot win a war with Russia it will be the END of all mankind as the ENTIRE planet will be completely destroyed and made uninhabitable(nuclear radiation).

Just so you know NATO cannot even beat the Taliban in Afghanistan that only have ak-47 and other light arms and it has been 10 YEARS and some of you honestly think NATO can take Russia or china ? LOL if they could they'd have attacked by now THEY CANT.

urwifeminder2459d ago

China is beast youre kidding yourselves if you think they arnt the U.S wouldnt have enough cash to fuel a carrier lol,all those sleeping mcdonalds toys will rise up with a flick of switch all consumer goods have a in built chip with mini toxic bombs ha ha the biggest ground army in the world id call china sir not the U.S.A.

WiIIiam2459d ago

Sometimes I have conversations with sweet potatoes. Needless to say, I'm completely out of my mind. But even I know not to mess with China.

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