Playstation: Heading back to its roots

In the beginning, companies like Nintendo sat on the throne of video games. Then another Japanese giant called Sony appeared. The giant produced its own console called the PlayStation in 1995. Sony and PlayStation are household names today, thanks to the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Gamers loved them both, but it wasn’t mainly due to the ability to play music or DVDs. They loved both because of the numerous AAA titles. Games such as Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy X were enough alone for some consumers to purchase the consoles, other less noted video games like Crash Bandicoot and Rogue Galaxy were a bonus; icing on the cake. Because of this, Sony dominated the system wars for two generations. They look to do the same in the coming years, to go back to the roots of what made the PS1 and PS2 great, which is games. However, the light dimmed with the release of the PS3.

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miyamoto2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

After the multi-billion dollar franchise stealing spree Microsoft swiped Sony with, its a great thing Sony came prepared with lots of aces under its sleeves to keep them on the game - variety of first, second & third party exclusives of its old and new game franchises from Gran Turismo & SOCOM to Uncharted & Little Big Planet.

Sony has always stuck to their 100 games in development at launch creed since the original PlayStation so PS Vita is guaranteed to have its vitamins in good supply.

Armored Core V
The Last of Us
Sonic 4 Episode 2
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Gravity Rush
FF X HD Remake
Resistance: Burning Skies
Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection
Monster Hunter 3rd HD

EeJLP-2206d ago

Personally I wish they'd get rid of their handheld. I'd much rather have Golden Abyss, Burning Skies, etc. bigger and better on the home console.

Luckily it sorta worked out with the PSP.. with GoW: Origins and Peace Walker. Still missed out on Retribution (if it was made like a regular Resistance game for PS3) and others though and those games could have been better if built specifically for the higher spec home consoles.

from the beach2206d ago

Other games like Killzone Liberation, Locoroco and Patapon were fantastic too. Highly recommend grabbing a PSP.

Maddens Raiders2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

When I first read this I thought, "Heading back to their roots huh? Damn.. Kazunori Yamauchi & Polyphony have the best job security on the face of the planet"...then I told myself, "as if they really need it".


KwietStorm2206d ago

Multi billion dollar franchise stealing spree? lol wow

bebojet2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

M$ gave Rockstar $50 million to make GTA4 miltiplat with timed-exclusive DLC. Who knows how much they gave Square Enix and every other devs that went multiplat when M$ started flashing their money. So yeah it's up there.

xPhearR3dx2206d ago


I'm pretty sure that $50 million was just for the DLC. GTA wasn't exclusive to Playstation prior to GTA IV. GTA 3, VC, and SA all came to the original Xbox.

sikbeta2206d ago

I'll only say, they better be heading back to its roots, back to the route of success they achieved with PS1 and PS2 and it's time for Sony stop using PlayStation as a Guinea Pig for testing their stuff, it worked wonders with Optical Formats, but Cell... never again!

morkendo232206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

after buying 60gb ps3 my personal feeling on sony has changed. they charge the consumer high ass price for a product that'll died out in 3 years after warrenty expire, after that they want more money on a defective console to repair. was that sony master plan?? to put out a console knowing it was rushed?? would not be surprised if microsoft and sony was in board meeting to rush their console out to get more money from blind gamers. sad that some 360 gamers paid for 13 RROD 360's at 499 a pop. i used to bad mouth 360 gamers for being a sucker 13 time, i understand now they just wanted their console fix and back to gaming. as i too feel the same way i want my ps3 fixed im getting alot of excuses from sony why i should pay instead of agreeing to repair my over heating ps3 for free on GOOD FAITH WARRENTY they have for ps3 that is pass 1 year warrenty service mark.
out side of all that .........................ps3 do not have variety as it once had during ps1,ps2 era now days all we see is first person shooter games multiplat shooters,DLC half-made games,glitches how much longer will gamers that is tired of those type of game last??.... you rarely see NBA SPORTS,BOXING,SIDESCROLLING,SP ACE SHOOTER GAMES or more platformer games. what happen to good ol days of selection?? there was a time hardcore had their games and semi hardcore to casual had choices. now days seem to me all semi hardcore and casual games has been wipe out!! when GRADIUS 6 AND R-TYPE 3D was cancel i knew my video game days was coming to an end.
now i come to read gamers debate,whine and cry in background, ever so often i make a comment.

LettingGo2206d ago

The PS3 has a better variety of quality titles across more genres than the other two systems...and possibly one of the most diverse catalogs in gaming history.

showtimefolks2206d ago

as a long time sony fan i feel like with the success of ps1 and ps2 and psp selling 60 plus million sony was on top of the world, they thought they could do no wrong.

so while the ps3's launch wasn't perfect one thing sony learned fast is we as gamers want games,games and more games and you can't say they have not delivered since 2007-2008 till present time ps3 has had the best exclusives and the most exclusives

and 2012 is looking great too if last guardian and last of us launch in fall 2012 those 2 should be more than enough along with sly 4,twisted metal,jak hd collection,sorcery,FF hd etc,,,,

so keep going sony and funny thing is sony had to learn from MS earlier this gen now MS needs to learn from sony with their last 2 e3 conferences they have shown not that much for core gamers, I think MS feels like every core gamer has the system now they going after casual market

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ThatArtGuy2206d ago

In the beginning, Nintendo's home gaming division didn't exist. :P

rmedtx2206d ago

Lets be honest. It was very expensive at launch. I had a hard time paying $600 for my first PS3.

Braid2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Combine spending your hard earned money on an extremely high price ticket with not having too many good games to play, getting a premature XMB/PSN interface with zero interesting service or features (though we had the chance to set up Yellow Dog Linux, and they of course had to spoil the fun by removing a feature that was promised when we bought the system) and not even being able to test demo games as there were literally "a couple" of games up on the market... What a miserable state we early owners were in.

My console collected dust untill MGS4 came out. Well it was the dark ages of PS3, and I've learnt my lesson: I'm never ever gonna buy a product upon its release. You should at least wait half a year after the fist party, and believe me, having a product before anyone else does not make you COOL. It just makes you an unconscious consumer.

Was I cool, no. To tell you the truth, I think I was rather an idiot for willing to be Sony's test rat.

gamingdroid2206d ago

If you bought an Xbox 360 and waited for a price drop on the PS3, you would have joined at the right time.

Early adopters always pay a high price.

Braid2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )


Actually I purchased my 360 on launch as well. I was so hyped for the next generation that I just couldn't wait. Hopefully I had Oblivion, PGR and Gears of War. LIVE was much better and old blades dashboard worked pretty well for me.

I probably beat Gears more than 20 times with different friends on split screen. The game was one of its kind for the time, and it's so much fun when you have your friends with you in front of the TV. Good times :)

Oh, both of them work fine by the way. Lucky me I guess.

gintoki7772206d ago

Well early adopters give the consoles some form of momentum which, allows for improvement. Correct me If I'm wrong though that's my opinion if nobody bought a brand new console it might just be cancelled by the company who put it out if there was no demand.

I pretty much traded my 360 for a ps3 through warranty at best buy after it red ringed( I don't think you can do that anymore). So I had my call of duty mw4 fun with friends a while then moved onto mgs4 fun and never played call of duty again

Braid2206d ago


What you said is true and there is a strange joy in getting your hands on a new device before the majority of people do if you're into technology. But on the consumer side of the situation, you not only buy something on a higher price but also receive a poorer service than the later adopters.

In your hypothetical situation, by the way, the prices would probably drop down which would lead to a greater demand and the company in question would still be able to profit in the end with no loss. Might be wrong though, I'm not an expert on this.

360ICE2206d ago

While I think you're overdoing it a little bit, I see your points, who I really wanted to reply to was "Dragonknight"

"Subjective thus irrelevant."
Are you high!?

First of all you can discuss to which degree Sony's quantity and quality of product is actually subjective at all. You could base it on sales / average rating for instance, but that's a legit topic for discussion. What makes the quoted sentence so ridicolous (which is fact, not opinion :P) it is that OF COURSE it's relevant. What is more relevant than whether or not consumers like the launch line-up?
That's Sony's number one problem. Sure, one consumer being unhappy isnt really a problem, but if several were, which there is reason to believe, then that is indeed a huge problem for Sony - and its entirely based on people's subjective opinion of Sony's launch line-up.

Do you expect some objective factor to play in here? I mean, I have no idea, and yes that era where PS3 didnt get a lot of game did exist, but in my opinion its not as bad as some people say it was either. 360s release wasnt really that much better than the PS3s release, but the release of Gears of War cast a shadow over Sonys line-up.

zag2206d ago

Well if you read up on the news of the time, you'd see people where complaining about how it could play blu-rays and not games etc and they weren't fussed about Linux at all.

The whole Linux thing only have the pirating people complaining because they can't use it to play games on it.

Geohot got your most fav feature removed go and complain to him about it.

Braid2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

DragonKnight, it's obvious that you made a hobby of attacking random people for no apparent reason on the internet to yourself (as we can understand from the number of bubbles you have) and I don't know why I'm bothering myself to reply to your comment but yeah, I'll still do it.

How is the overall quality of the launch titles subjective? Can you name me one good game apart from Resistance? If you liked playing Genji, I suggest you keep playing that game forever and keep your opinions to yourself as spilling your rage on the internet won't make you feel any good. Contended with the launch titles? Good for you, but not good enough for me.

I've never pirated games for PS3 so I don't give a damn about whether it was used by some people to hack the device. Don't mistake yourself with everyone you see on the internet. You don't know me, and I don't know you. You know what they say: you make an #ss of yourself if you assume. The only reason I mentioned Yellow Dog was the fact that I could use my PS3 as a personal computer and enjoy the web browser on the TV screen. I also liked playing MKV movies without having to convert them but hey, they used it for piracy, so why would you care about the other people who used it for innocent reasons, right?

What I said about demos was clear, I think you understood what I meant but you're using the "grammar-dummy" card to make me look like a fool. You see, English is not my native language but I'm still trying to do my best as to deal with intolerant people like you who think their points should always be "legit" when they put them into a correct form of wording. You know what, no matter how good you use the language, your opinions will always stink as you have no idea on how to discuss a topic in a mature manner.

There were not many games out there and for that reason, naturally, there were not many demos on the PS Store either. Both PSN and LIVE is full of content now, and my point stands correct as the console was expensive already and demos were the only thing that could keep broke people entertained untill they had some money in their wallets to spend over games.

And about being idiot, my comments are available for views while yours is hidden due to its inapproppriate nature. I guess I have an idea on which one of us is the idiot now.

kaveti66162206d ago

Dragonknight needs help.

DragonKnight2206d ago

@360ICE: Choice name there bro, guess we know your lean eh? Anyway, since your entire reply was based on one point that I made which obviously went WAY over your head, I'll simply give you an easy response. Quality titles is a subjective term. Everyone has their own definition of what is good and what is not. To say that the PS3 didn't have enough quality titles is stating an absolute that implies that the one saying it has the right to state what is and what is not quality. Just because Braid didn't like games like, oh, Genji or Heavenly Sword doesn't mean that the PS3 lacked quality titles. Do you understand now or do you need it further dumbed down for you?

@Braid: I make it a point to respond to moronic FUD like the stuff you spread. That I have 2 bubbles is simply posting at the wrong time. When the mods feel like being arbitrary. Most of the reason I have 2 bubbles is because I dared to speak against the Forza fanboys, not because I spread FUD like you.

Where did I ever mention that you pirated games? That's funny because I didn't. I specifically focused on the fact that yellow dog wasn't a promised or advertised feature, and has yet to be proven to be so, and was commenting on your obvious "Sony remoovz teh feechurz" tone. Yeah, I mentioned you're likely one of the pro-hacker/anti-Sony type, but based on the entire tone of your post it's not very much of a leap really.

No, your point was not very clear. Test game demos means to test a demo of a game. Not to test a full game as a demo. Your native language may not be english, but your point is still ridiculous. Once again your tone was one of stating that the 360's "full game demo" feature is a supposed standard amongst consoles, and the lack of it upon the PS3's launch was inexcusably offensive to your gamer sensibilities. It shows a clear ignorance of the console industry as a whole, and that's what my comment was about. That you try to bring in maturity to your own FUD piece is laughable.

Your point is inaccurate. For starters, launch PS3's were full B.C. and people could play the best PS2 games (like God of War 2 for example) if they felt starved for games. Demos is the fault of the publishers, not the console company. Sony provides the platform, it's up to the publishers/developers to support the content. And again, just because YOU FELT like there weren't enough "quality" titles in no way means it was true for everyone and thus can be stated to be an absolute and correct statement. It is YOUR opinion that the PS3's launch was terrible and you made a (according to you) stupid error in judgment by being an early adopter. I can tell you that there are millions of early adopters who don't at all feel that way, thus completely invalidating your attempt at stating what you call a fact.

Your comments being seen is a perfect example of the broken system of this site. You posted an obvious FUD comment that got overlooked and I get debubbled for quoting you in my last sentence. Personally I don't give a rats a$$ if I only have 1 frickin' bubble left. It in no way invalidates what I have to say or my right to say it.

Hicken2206d ago

Well said. Won't mean much, but have a bubble on me.

Braid2205d ago

Your guess is wrong then, personally I would take PS3 over 360 any day. I don't play HALO, suck at driving simulators and I think Alan Wake was the best game I played on 360. I play every multiplatform game on PC and l'm in love with Ps3 exclusives like Killzone, Uncharted and Heavy Rain. Oh, that Heavenly Sword was a great game as well. Satisfied now?

Everything I write is my opinion and my only. Do I have to say "for me" before every sentence to make it clear? Admit it or not, there once was a time when PS3 was not as glorious as it is now. I'm guessing you missed the party in the past when people made fun of TEH CELL and the mighty power of the PS3. Why did you think that happen? I'll tell you why: something was missing... Like great games they advertised with CGI trailers that were said to be in-game footages. There were lots of promises but literally no game to showcase the device's true power. How is that a successfull launch when people make fun of the console and turn the serious technology that the hardware uses into a mockery?

Hopefully things are changed now. The Last of Us looks great, blu-ray is an industry standart and PSN has been improved a lot. Better yet, it's still free. Anyway, those are my humble opinions and I really don't care if you agree with me or not, nor I try to pick a side and advocate a company over another as they might look different but in bare basics they're just corporations pursuing their self interests rather than caring for yours.

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2206d ago
Rageanitus2206d ago

But Blu-ray justified it IMO it was the only system out there that was below 1000$'s

Was speaker shopping and was demo PCS uncompressed sound.... few days later I got the PS3....

IMO it was WELL worth it if blu-ray was important .

This is why there were sooo many h8rs from the xbox fanboy front wanting blu-ray to fail..... sounds a bit anti- tech ...

Biggest2206d ago

It was the same for me. I was excited about new games, but I bought my PS3 along with an Onkyo 7.1 system. It was all about a movie theater experience in my home. BluRay simply can not be beat in home movie experience.

stevenhiggster2206d ago

Yeah people do tend forget that for all the things Sony did wrong with the PS3 early on, it was one hell of a trojan horse for Blu-Ray.

sikbeta2206d ago


That was the case for everyone, hope they don't repeat the same mistake again, they need to go back to the PS1 route, easy to make games and affordable for Developers, raw power is not the more important thing in gaming

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Sugreev20012206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Sony products have been a household staple in my family since the company became renowned worldwide for it's quality.We have been using Sony products since the late 70's.So,I bought the PS1 quite early and I got to enjoy games like Crash Bandicoot,Ridge Racer,MGS etc. before they became so popular.I was a huge Nintendo fan during that time,but I changed sides with the release of the PS2.I subsequently bought the PSP and PS3 without giving it much thought,and I couldn't be happier with my decisions.It's a brand that has taken a lot of beating at the hand of cynics,and it's the one company of the three who really believe gamers should be treated as intellectuals and connoisseurs.Among the gaming giants,it's the one company which has delivered compelling first party games.But at the heart of it,they are still a corporation which is why I back them even on the tougher issues they take...many of which I don't agree with.

Undeadwolfy2206d ago

Great comment, well said. +bubs

moparful992206d ago

You purveyed exactly how I was feeling in sentence form.. I wholly agree with you, when asked why I support sony so much I couldnt really say why but you said it for me.. They might not always make the best decisions but they make some of the best hardware around and they treat their consumers like intelligent consumers and not kids or naive soccer moms.. At the end of the day you cant argue with how much they do for us as consumers...

Death2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

What are some examples of Sony treating customers as intellectuals? I'm just curious on what you have based this feeling on.


FunAndGun2206d ago

Being able to replace the HD with any drive.

Pushing tech: DVD, Blu-ray, 3-D, wi-fi, bluetooth

Using more realistic avatars in Home compared to cartoony 'kids' versions like Wii and Live.

I feel like I am using an adult console/entertainment system with the PS3. Of course a lot of their decisions benefit Sony themselves, but they also benefit the user if you choose to use them.

I am not saying Wii or 360 is bad at all, but the PS3 can pretty much do everything.

FreydaWright2206d ago

Sony definitely appeals to the intellectual crowd. Disregarding the PS3 for a moment, Sony owns a collection of entertainment industries, namely Columbia Pictures and Sony BMG. They're also known for their kick-ass DSLR cameras. In addition, they also have a pretty lucrative TV and PC business. In other words, they don't just appeal to gamers.

Death2206d ago

It's interesting to see no specific examples of what Sony does for it's customers to make them feel intelligent. I appreciate the responses, but nothing listed affects gamers or is direct. Sony pushes tech because they are a hardware company. They absolutely wanted Blu-ray to win which is why the PS3 shipped a year late and sold it for over $500. Gamers and more specifically PS3 gamers paid for that victory. I'm not sure that makes me feel smart. Wi-fi? Didn't we have that with the original Xbox, the Xbox 360 and the Wii? Sony included wirelss g which is ok for gaming, but not so much for media streaming. It was "free", but at the time the system cost twice as much as the competition. Bluetooth is a wireless standard. The 360 is also wireless. One simply has a cool moniker attatched to it. Using any Bluetooth headset is a nice perk, but the variety of sound quality due to the different sets out isn't always a plus.

Personally, none of the 3 systems avatars make me feel more adult then another. I completely see the arguement, but find it pretty trivial.

The Wii's target demograph is definitely younger than the PS3 and Xbox 360. I would think the games would be the deciding factor in the end. The difference between the PS3 and 360 is pretty slim. I'm really not sure how either would make me feel more intelligent or adult like.

I'm not saying anyone here is wrong, I just find it interesting to see how people think. None of the 3 make me feel more intelligent, but I'm pretty secure with my own sense of worth to not worry about it or think a game system would make a difference.


Ravenor2206d ago

Must have been all those Kevin butler ads or the Marcus er whatever PSP ads. Those were really aimed at making me feel adult...

kaveti66162206d ago

I don't know of many examples where Sony or Microsoft treat customers like intelligent people.

When Sony was caught during the rootkit debacle, their representative said, "Nobody even knows what a rootkit is, so why do they care that we put it in there computers?"

Also, the fact that they put a sticker on the PS3 that voids the warranty when you unseal it makes me feel like a criminal or something just because I want to open up my console to clean the dust from the inside.

Microsoft treats their consumers like morons by selling so many proprietary accessories at exorbitant prices and restricting the use of third party products.

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T3MPL3TON 2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

"it's the one company of the three who really believe gamers should be treated as intellectuals"

Do you have any idea how ignorant that statement is?

They've treated us like intellectuals? Really? When? Was it when they dropped that '$599 US Dollars' speech? Maybe it was when they promised that we'd be able to use things like Linux and then pulled the rug out like nothing ever happened. Maybe it was when they waited a full week before deciding to tell us they were hacked and our personal data could have been stolen? Or.. and this one was my favorite.. maybe it was when they had that stupid welcome back program running where they gave us a free copy of games we already owned.

Intellectuals? Please. Do you even know what the word means or were you trying to sound smart while you spewed your fan boy love all over this comment page?

Sony doesn't give a flying f*ck about you, they don't think you're smart, they think you'll buy anything they make and you will, like a mindless drone. You will.

Now before anyone gets all hurp a derp and proclaims that I'm a Xbox fan boy, I'd say the exact same thing if anyone said what he said about Microsoft. You people need to get your head out and realize that Sony, Nintendo & Microsoft don't give a crap about you.

"I am not saying Wii or 360 is bad at all, but the PS3 can pretty much do everything."

Look at him... LOOK! He's just spewing taglines.
Next time he'll say something like.. Man I sure do love Sony and how I get to live in our world and play in theirs.

gobluesamg2206d ago

As a general business rule, a company who doesn't care about their customers will not last very long. All of these companies care what their customers want and need, however Sony tends to care for the adult ones ten fold over the other two.

FunAndGun2206d ago

I never said Sony as a company CARES about me. I also never said EVERYTHING Sony does is aimed at treating its customers as intellectuals, just more so then the others.

I sure do love Sony though and how I get to live in my world and play in theirs.

please RAGE more. :)

kaveti66162206d ago

"a company who doesn't care about their customers will not last very long"

Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell and pretty much every other oil company has been around for a very long time, and are the most successful corporations, and don't give a shit about any of their customers.

I think what you meant to say is this: "A company that doesn't cultivate a positive image for their customers and makes their customers feel cared for will not last very long."

It's a show. Corporations ALWAYS let you know that they're donating money to charity. Why do you think that is?

Some may think, "Who cares if they let us know that they're donating as long as they're doing good?"

The bottom line is that they're not genuine. Their long term goals are to make profits. They don't do anything for you just because. When Microsoft extended their 360 warranty it wasn't because they cared about their customers. It was to promote a good public image after the RROD issue. When Sony offered 30 days of PSN+ as well as two free downloadable games, it wasn't because they were being nice for the sake of being nice. It was because they didn't want to receive major consumer backlash over the PSN hackings.

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Ocean2206d ago

Yeah owned every Playstation since the PS1 landed in the uk....Had a PS2 upon launch, PSP and a PS3.

I grew up with Atari, Commodore (C16+4 C64 Amiga), Sinclair Spectrum (ZX81 128k+2), Nintendo (NES Gameboy SNES N64 Gamecube Gameboy Advance) and Sega (Master System Megadrive) before i got my first Playstation in 1995

All in all i'm a happy gamer indeed

chipdouglas2206d ago

How did you own an N64, GameCube and a GBA before 1995?

Are you some kind of wizard? Tell me your secrets! I would like have a PS4 right now.