Darks Souls VS. Skyrim – Part 2 – On Space

Calitreview: For those somehow not aware, perhaps because they’re new to gaming, or because they are as inattentive Clark Kent’s optometrist, you can roughly divide game development between East (usually referring to Japanese developers) and West (usually referring to the US, but also European studios). Though there are about a billion differences you could look at, I want to look at one in particular as it relates to a key difference between Dark Souls and Skyrim: the lack of First Person Shooters from Eastern Studios.

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Optical_Matrix2362d ago

In my opinion, Dark Souls destroys Skyrim in every aspect aside from how open the world is. And even then, when you consider that Skyrims world is so artistically bland, with dungeons that are more or less the same thing (even the same damn puzzle), over and over again, the game becomes underwhelming. Certainly a great RPG, but certainly not one that deserves to be on as high a pedestal as the critics have placed it n. Again, that's just my opinion.

JsonHenry2362d ago

I agree. Skyrim is a fun game. But the world is bland and uneventful. The random dragons were just as annoying as the random oblivion gates. (but harder to avoid if you don't want to mess with fighting one) The combat was still incredibly shallow. Merchants in large cities still didn't have enough money to sell your loot to. Again, the game was fun. But hardly anything great.

Dark Souls on the other hand had a more limited open world approach but the world was drastically different, the co-op/PvP was nice (once they patched it a few times) and the combat while also simple was still fun and it worked fantastically.

Dark Souls was easily my GOTY with Star Wars the Old Republic pulling in a close 2nd.

camel_toad2362d ago

I totally agree. Loved Dark Souls and now playing Demon Souls for the first time. I have to say though Demon Souls isnt quite doing it for me the way Dark Souls did and I really think its just the layout of the world thats making the difference for me. The world in Dark Souls is one beautifully tied together world but its broken up into separate areas in Demon Souls. Wish I had played Demon Souls first so I would be enjoying it more...

Braid2362d ago

That's where mods come in.

There's a modification on Skyrim Nexus which allows merchants to have more money than the default values, for example. You can almost iron out every single issue, that is if you have the PC version of course.

Braid2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Well I'll be damned. I know it's N4G and not everyone here is mature enough to understand what is written and I'm doing my best not to flip out but could whoever in the holy mother of f#ck disagreed with me please tell me what the hell is wrong with my comment?

Is there a website called skyrimnexus?
Is there a modification which gives merchants multiple times more money? Yes.

Then what I can understand from these disagrees is that you're either a needlessley offended console owner or too lazy to spend your time for the solution of issues. It does not require a spesific competency for Christ's sake, if you have a problem with merchants in the game, just go to that website and type "merchant" in the search bar. If you want to whistle for your horse, just friggin' type "horse" in the search bar and it'll show you all the modifications regarding horses.

How difficult is that? All you have to do to install mods is some move and drop, that's all! You don't have to wait for Bethesda to iron out the issues, that's why whe have the modding communities.

Jeez, I don't know what the hell is wrong with some people here.

Drake1172362d ago

Awesome another article comparing Dark Souls to Skyrim. When are these tards going to learn that they are 2 completely different games that don't try to achieve the same things at all. People who like tight, responsive, and very mechanic based controls along with huge bosses and a dark concentrated atmosphere will like dark souls better. If people like a huge open world where they can literally do anything and be any one along with integrating first person controls into an RPG they will like Skyrim better. Optical Matrix is probably one of the people that likes the strengths of Dark Souls more than Skyrim so he likes DS more but alot of ppl like what Skyrim does well so they choose Skyrim, its as simple as that. I personally like what Skyrim does well and its my favorite game ever made but Dark Souls is still an amazing game and in my top 3 this year.

JsonHenry2362d ago

Braid, it is just a disagree man. The disagree trolls are all over this site. If you can't handle it then you should quit this site now because you could post that water is wet and someone would disagree with you.

And yes, I play every game available on the PC over the console version.

Braid2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )


It's not the disagrees that bothers me. It's their lack of legitimization. If you're going to disagree with people, you could at least have the courtesy to say why, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if there's nothing to be discussed on the comment, why would you rate it anyway?

What I said was as clear as sky: there's a modding community and if you want to benefit from it, feel free to do so. And I highly recommend using mods as they fix some issues for good. They're great, made by talented people, and absolutely free of charge. What else could you ask for?

And a quick reminder guys, ENB's Boris released his new graphics modification (version 0.102), you might want to check it out as well.

thewhoopimen2362d ago


The answer isn't most people disagree with the ability to Mod. The disagree with you comes at "having" to iron out an issue that shouldn't be an issue in the first place... that and your snotty rant.

SilentNegotiator2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )


It's lame enough that you have to complain about a handful of disagrees, but you give those people less than an hour to "legitimize" their disagrees before you write a big sob story about a couple people disagreeing with you?

Wanna know why people are disagreeing with you? I'll tell you some of the most probable reasons.

1) A lot of people don't have access to those mods (the console versions).
2) A lot of people, including myself, don't believe that mods should/do justify flaws in design. We shouldn't HAVE TO rely on third parties to fix games FOR Bethesda or any other developer.

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY, that doesn't "iron out" the fact that Skyrim uses a lot of copy-pasting and lacks variety. If you iron out a gap that wide by creating a mod, then you've practically designed half of the game. And this was in fact the more important issue mentioned (though you respond as if Merchant's coin purses was the only type of issue the poster had with the game).

Braid2362d ago

You're getting me wrong.

I'm not advocating Bethesda nor implying that having to deal with modifications to fix the bugs is a good thing. That's not an excuse. The problems should have been fixed by Bethesda in the first place. I kept losing my horse for example, which annoyed me a lot, and they didn't even think about adding a simple whistle option. I wouldn't say it's clumsy programming but they really did overlook some issues here and there.

For the last time folks: graphics mods aside, it's not acceptable to use modifications to fix the game. But if you happen to have the PC version, and if there's something about the game that really bothers you, and if it's something that can be fixed with a simple solution but somehow overlooked by Bethesda, you can probably find a fix on Skyrim Nexus. Better than throwing the game away or waiting forever for Bethesda to fix it I guess. I know it's kind of a once in a blue moon situation and console owners are right with their complaints regarding bugs, nothing can be done there until a further patch.

And if you don't like the way the game is in general, there's unfortunately no fix for that as well. It's "like it or lump" there, you may want to try Witcher instead and after these walls of unnecessary explanations I'll definately check Dark Souls out soon.

Lazy_Sunday2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Remember, on N4G, Disagrees are dislikes, and Agrees are likes. The site just keeps it that way to troll people who are logical like you on purpose. Because that makes sense, right? Watch me get dislikes :)

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Tanir2362d ago

dark souls is a master piece, only thing i would change (and this is just cuz im odd) i add a really really good character creation. so the characters arent so ugly, i mean my 2nd character (which was a girl) looks pretty good for a dark souls character, but just sayin, Something like an MMO style Character creation/models would be all that i changed.

skyrim is fun but yes very bland, theres not much fear in that game, in dark souls you can still die in the begining area's regardless of your level, the world is so amazing

grahf2357d ago

I hear what you are saying. The character customization menu is tricky to use, because if you move a slider typically another slider moves as well.

And why fear when you can pause the game to heal?

Play2Win2362d ago

Talking about destroying in every aspect is the moment where I left. Your talkin about games. Each game has something special. One is better and the other one has its problems. but destroying? no man

dark-hollow2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Really?? Destroy it in "every aspect" besides the open map size???

How about 300+ worth of gameplay with countless quests from the main story, the companions, winter college, the thieves guild, the dark brotherhood, deadra artficats quests and tons more quests scattered all over skyrim!

More intresting story and npc and tons and tons of spells, shouts, weapons.

More varity in gameplay. You can play as a warrior, magician, assassin or combine some elemnts of all of them!! You can even turn into a vampire/werewolf!!!

Tons of perks and ranks when you level up and much much more.

All that and i swear i didnt EVEN scratched the surface of skyrim!

Saladfax2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Hmmm... not sure. There's a helluva lot of subtlety and depth in the Dark/Demons Souls universe. It may not be as physically large, but it's thought-out, designed, and contained quite well.

I still love Bethesda games, but they haven't quite eliminated the immersion-loosening facets of many of their titles. Bugs and glitches are only a small part of this: it's also things like putting a bucket over a person's head to steal their stuff.

It's the pathetically small pool of voice actors engaging in shallow conversation essentially with themselves and the endlessly repeated dialogue lines (arrow in the knee?). It's the ridiculous conversation pie from Oblivion or the way that NPCs with very creepy-looking character models would stare at you.

Many of these and things like them are quite funny, but they truly do serve to undermine the massive scope and heavy immersion. Conversely, Demon's/Dark Souls isn't quite as big, but every piece of their design exudes immersion and narrative. There certainly isn't 300+ hours of unique questing, but neither will you find elderly women floating through the air before descending into and through the ground beneath you.

Regardless, however... none of it really matters. They are both excellent games for different and entirely valid reasons, and though it is quite interesting to analyze and consider, there's absolutely no merit to a, "OMG ONE IS MUCH BETTER!1!!" argument.

Play2Win2362d ago

Everything dark-hollow mentioned is correct. Just look at the mods released for Skyrim on PC. Trust me ... destroying is the wrong word

cemelc2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )


How many hours you can play in skyrim in the main quest? cos if we are talking things to do not related to the main quest you can play 300 or 500 hours in both game. If you dont believe me then look for covenants in darksouls.

"More intresting story and npc and tons and tons of spells, shouts, weapons. "

"Tons of perks and ranks when you level up and much much more. "

I'll grant plotwise skyrim is better,but npc are awesome in darksouls too what are you talking about?.

Did you know that in dark souls you also have tons of spells, weapons and miracles?. How is this even a plus for skyrim and not darksouls?.

In Darksouls you can create cross class builds just like in skyrim and the builds actually matters cos in pvp ppl will put you down if your build is mediocre(should of known took me 20 lvs to even my stats).

You should probably play darksouls a little i know its hard but youll realize that most of the things you just mentioned are in darksouls too.

Edit: @Garaunimo everything in this comparation is probably for consoles given that dark souls is for consoles only.

grahf2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I played Dark Souls. A lot! And as 2011 closed out, it was definatly my game of the year. I've written what I loved about it elsewhere so I will spare you all, but what I haven't done is share my impression of Skyrim.

Finally got a chance to see it played first hand while visiting my parents for the holidays, my dad is a HUGE Bethesda fan, and I like teasing him because he is so bad at games in general.

World looked enormous, and on the 360 the graphics were REALLY good! He wandered around town, talking to people, spending most of his time looting barrels (its his thing), checking his stats (leveling system looked interesting) and I was starting to get really bored until he left town. Then he started fighting some wolves. So, the combat mechanics weren't the greatest, but that still wasn't going to put me off playing when he was done.

What happened next did:
He was hurt so he paused the game, and he pulled up the Item menu. 3 Lesser healing potions, 2 Apple Cabbage Stews, 3 apples, and 10 potatoes later, he killed the pack. I was laughing so hard after that I couldn't watch anymore.
I was literally howling "Hold on wolfies, I'm hurt, let me stuff 85 potatoes down my throat!"

How could this be overlooked? I saw that the mod community has made a "hardcore" mode that tracks hunger & thirst, but that is an unofficial MOD and not available to everyone. Its like an artist working on a masterpiece and leaving a portion of it for someone else to paint-by-number.

And being able to pause the game to heal... thats really unforgivable. The oldest of the old RPGs would never let you heal in a paused environment, it was something that took a turn while you were still getting a beat down.

A year ago I probably wouldn't have thought anything of the above scenario, but Dark Souls has re-opened my eyes. And I can't wait for the next one. In fact, I need to have my brother ship Dark Souls back to me so I can start a new character...

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Zha1tan2362d ago

Really? Its whatever is your flavour.

Skyrim is possibly the best game ive ever played, Dark Souls isnt my "flavour" because I dont like JRPGs and I dislike the animation and art style used.

Biggest2362d ago

Oh! You think people refer to JRPGs as such because Japanese developers make the game. That's too bad.

It's fine that you love Skyrim. I spent the time needed to get the platinum trophy (admittedly very easy) so I obviously enjoyed the game. It is extremely repetitive. Dark Souls is the better game in my opinion. However, I would prefer a real JRPG over them both. I miss having a name that characters in the game recognize. I miss having a real history and real attachments (well, as real as a completely fictional world can be). WRPG-types are too disjointed for me to usually enjoy. But given a choice I would take Dark Souls.

Blacktric2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Dark Souls, in my opinion, is much much better than Skyrim. At least the developers didn't dumb the game down for the sake of reaching a wider audience. I still don't know what was the point of removing repair ability and 8 skills including hand to hand since Morrowind, when all of them made the game a much more deeper experience.

This explains it the best. Oh and Dark Souls isn't a JRPG. It has the best of both worlds. You can't find men that looks like women and oversized evil human characters carrying giant swords or hard to understand GUI. Also, you can't craft or find weapons that does more than 10 thousand damage while they're present in Skyrim thanks to the stupid crafting and enchanting system.

Zha1tan2362d ago

"Dumb the game down" I always see that phrase used but never explained, how exactly does removing a neglible skill such as acrobatics or hand to hand lower the value of the experience? Its taking things out that are NOT needed for a good experience.

Extra "fluff" does not make a game deeper in any sense.

I would have thought it would have registered somewhere in there that perhaps its a JRPG because its from JAPAN....honestly the world is doomed...

This just seems like a classic case of Its cool to hate what is popular and we should all side with the niche game because clearly its better because its less popular and ugh yeah... not "dumbed down."

Blacktric2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

I could care less about Acrobatics and Athletics but giving those two as an example doesn't change the fact that the game is dumbed down. It's also very obvious that you've never played past Elder Scrolls games properly so I understand your affection for a game like Skyrim. Anyway, have fun playing it and I'm sure in 3-5 years we'll get another dumbed down Elder Scrolls game that doesn't have axes and such thanks to people like you who passionately support stuff like this.

Tony P2362d ago


Allow me to retort in a way that isn't insulting and completely patronizing.

-On dumbing down-

The only thing that makes a feature "fluff" is the amount of work a dev is willing to put into it. Just because the dev says it's unnecessary in a PR statement doesn't mean there's *no way* it could have been kept in and improved. "Unnecessary" is just how they chose to frame it for the public.

-On JRPGs-

Obviously, everyone's coming in with baggage. JRPG has come to connote not just a region of origin but a style of design.

Lastly, I thought your first point was spot on. I get two completely different fixes from each game.

There's room for both.

Baka-akaB2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

The DS series did dumb down a few things from its King's field ancestor too . And they did feature some small changes to accomodate people between Demon's Souls and Dark Souls given it success .

And Dark soul is a jrpg , if someone doesnt know more than the usual FF mold , that's on himself .

Biggest2362d ago

"perhaps its a JRPG because its from JAPAN"

Perhaps. Perhaps the terms JRPG and WRPG are used to explain differences in gameplay style. A JRPG would be the early Final Fantasy games. A WRPG would be pretty much every RPG made by Bethesda. If a Japanese developer works for Bethesda it doesn't become a JRPG. If a Japanese company makes a game like Demon/Dark Souls it doesn't automatically become a JRPG. If it was taken literally we would have EURPGs or maybe KORPGs. The world isn't doomed. It's too big to label everything literally and specifically. It's easy to label RPGs with W or R because there are two general types of RPG video game.

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dktxx22362d ago

Why must we pit every RPG that gets released against each other like there can't be two good ones in one year? We get like what, 2-3 a year?

Bimkoblerutso2361d ago

The only sensible comment here...

MizTv2362d ago

im not a big fan of skyrim but i think its alot better than dark souls

Saleem1012362d ago

Dark souls is better game period...

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