Mass Effect Features Great Graphics, Blatant Flaws

By Ian Crone of Columbia Spectator
Published December 5, 2007

"Despite its wasted potential, Mass Effect really is an awesome game, with an extraordinary narrative and memorable characters, striking - if occasionally glitchy - visuals, and passable combat. It's only the brilliance of the game that makes its flaws so apparent, and nothing can change the fact that game developer BioWare has produced one of the finest sci-fi role-playing games of all time. If BioWare can fix the problems and keep the essence intact, Mass Effect 2 - a trilogy, at least, is planned - will be an instant classic."

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Dr Pepper3906d ago

I find it strange that Mass Effect is looked down upon for its texture loading issues, but both Gears of War (not as much) and Bioshock (about the same) have the same problem.

Anyway, the game is awesome and if you haven't played it yet I suggest you do. It's an epic experience.

gamesR4fun3906d ago

ya still very much a good game worth it for any hardcore rpg fan but ya it does have some big flaws and an awful lot of loading...

Gears was better imo has for Bioshock only played it on my pc and its smooth (if i tweak the option just so) but Ive seen it on the 360 (my dads a total addict) and its not near has bad either I mean the pop ups a frame drops are massive in ME. Still speaks volumes for the game that so many are enjoying it. Let alone the gameplay quirks like the bad AI and driving that stupid mako what makes it worst is the targeting gets thrown all out of whack on every little dip in the terrain.
Nope not a game without its flaws tho you'd never think so given all the reviews eh...

BLACKJACK VII3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Hey DP, just for you, when you beat Hardcore you get this killer pic of Saren for a gamerpic (my avatar). Working on Insanity now - peace out...


CNIVEK3906d ago

"Roughly 95 percent of the planets in Mass Effect’s universe are covered in mountains, but the tank climbs terribly. Steering is an exercise in futility, and occasionally a subterranean worm will pop out of the ground and kill you.."

The Mako steers and climbs EXACTLY like Halo's Warthog, just without the rear-wheel steering....and is VERY EASY to master. One of my favorite things to do, is climb to the highest point on every planet, and checkout the surrounding view ; believe it or not, it's possible. :)

InMyOpinion3906d ago

I'm surprised so many reviewers found it glitchy and that it has visual flaws. They seem desperate to focus on the tiny flaws instead of looking at the big picture. The first time I played it I was convinced it was gonna get 10's everywhere. I've played it for 15 hours now and I haven't noticed any except for the texture loading when you start it up. Really, no more than in any other game.

It's funny cause the same reviewers compare it and say KOTOR was flawless. If you have played any of the KOTOR games you know they had much more glitches, graphical slowdowns etc. than Mass Effect. I remember the glitch in KOTOR 2, at the beginning were you got to play as a robot for a while then when it switched back to the main character the game just froze. When you tried loading your saved game you just got to the freezing point(!).

IMO Mass Effect is too good of a game to let reviewers decide. If your hesitating if you should get it or not, try it out yourself before you listen too much on the reviewers. This goes for almost any game.

The_Engineer3906d ago

of xbots use the same REVIEWERS to tell us there are no AAA PS3 titles we're supposed to take you seriously. I don't think most xbots realize how much of a joke they are to REAL gamers.

Ureval3906d ago

I think if KOTOR had the power that ME has it would by far be the better game. ME has some great combat, but in KOTOR there was a lot more options in upgrading your charcter. You had i think like 6 different slots for upgrading your armor, plus all the light saber and weapon upgrades. Obviously the combat in the two games is different, but aside from that, storywise and as an RPG KOTOR was better. Personally, aside from insane loading times, I dont recall KOTOR having a lot of technical issues, not half as much or half as obvious as ME.

All in all technical issues aside ME is a stripped down, but prettier version of KOTOR. If they get those tech issues fixed and make the game more immersive ME2 will be a superior game.

InMyOpinion3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Hmmm...Did I even mention the PS3 in my comment? Read my last sentence.

But if you want to go there, here's a question for you:

I didn't see many AAA PS3 games nominated for GOTY. How come they don't win any awards if they are as great as you claim?

InMyOpinion3906d ago

This review must be written by someone who truly hates RPG's. It seems like he was intent on hating Mass Effect even before he played it.

SuperSaiyan43906d ago

And yes there are glitchy problems, texture loading problems - the texture loading issues are because the Unreal 3 engine streams textures whether this will happen on Unreal Tournament 3 is yet to be seen.

Dont forget even KOTOR on the old Xbox had issues as well, and ironically huge RPG's like this and Oblivion had or have issues as well in some cases.

The one thing that bothers me is the screen tearing I dont understand what causes it but why cant developers eliminate that?

shrimpboat3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Your right Oblivion had these issues on 360 and PS3. I think the loading textures thing can be forgiven since it is an RPG, but this game is great but at the same time it has alot of awful issues that caused me to stop playing it. It could of been greater.

I will be trading this game in when UT III comes out and I will wait for White Knight Stories to play a great RPG.

godofthunder103906d ago

this is what i call childish,shrimpboat is saying that the whole game sux.the truth is that he probaly never played it.he has a ps3 and can't stand that it's a great game and it's exclusive to the 360 and almost every game that comes out on the 360 and yes the ps3 to have some kind of problem but they are fixed later on.mass effect problems are not that bad
people like shrimpboat is the problem with the gaming world.he want admit that the 360 is a good system with good games.he says that the graphics on the 360 sux with every game but the truth is that the 360 has a lot of games that have better graphics then the same game on the ps3 and like i said he critize every game on the 360 saying that they all sux but when the same game is ported over to the ps3 then all of a sudden it's a great game with great graphics even when the graphics are better on the 360.
people like him like to critize the 360 saying it's trash because it keep breaking,but the truth is that microsoft is fixing the problem now,every new 360 has the new chip in it so it want over heat and people still get a 3 year warrinty for the rrod and the drive and that's about 90% of the console and the 360 life span is 6 to 7 years microsoft said so you have a warrinty for half the 360 life span and they never had any electronic product defected or not that had a 3 year warrint like the 360.
what shrimpboat don't understand or don't want no one to know and hope that they forgot is that sony had a lot of defected ps1 and 2s when they first came out,they had defected drives in them and even when you had a new one with a new game it still said can't read disc and it done it with ever game,hell i bought 5 of them in less then a year and a half and i know people that had to buy more because of took sony about 1 and a 1/2 to 2 year into the console life to finaly get the problem under controle but they didn't do a damn thing in the first 2 year,the only thing people could do was buy another also had problems with computers blowing up in people faces,defected camers,and they had problems with the first br players but people don't want to talk about that,they want to act like sony never had a defected product.
i hate sony and i will never buy a ps3 but i'll admit that the ps3 is a good system with good games but the 360 is to.the ps3 have some exclusive games that 360 owners wish they had even if they want admit it, but i will,i wish games like Killzone 2 and some others were on the 360 but i'll admit i don't like games like Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and i don't like metal gear because i played it before and i didn't care for it and things like home isn't really my thing.
i know that all ps3 owners like to have some 360 exclusive games to on their ps3 like bioshock and others and i know that they don't care for some to and the 360 games have great good graphics to and they are a lot better then a ps2 or a xbox 1.5 that ps3 fans claim about the 360 graphics.
the truth is that it took sony 3 generation of consoles to get it right the first time but they did with the ps3 and it's dependable on launch day on like the ps1 and 2 and i'll admit that microsoft had problems with the 360 but they are trying to fix them but remember this is just microsoft second console and they are not known to make hardware like sony is but i think that they are getting their and i think that their third time will be different just like it was for sony.
if fans from both sides admit it or not they are both good consoles with great games and all fans from both sides wish that some exclusives from the other console was on the console that they have and they both have great graphics and if you say that it's not true then no matter what happen you are just a fanboy who want admit the truth about the other console if it's something good and it's just childish to act that way.
like i said before i hate sony and will never buy a ps3 bit i'll admit that it's a good system with good games,just because i hate sony i'm not going to lie just because of it,i give credit where credit is due and all 360 fans need to do the same thing but the 360 deserve more credit then the ps3 fans gives it because they know damn well that the graphics on the 360 is better then ps2 and a so call xbox 1.5 they call it.
the 360 have good games just like the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then the 360 and the 360 does somethings better the the ps3 and i think that fans of both system need to admit the truth instead of saying that every thing sux on the system that they don't have because they know it's not true.even if you hate the company that makes it like i hate sony you could still say the truth instead of being childish saying that every thing on the other system sux.

Bibto3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

In this interview ( with Evan Wells from Naughty Dog, he explains what screen tearing is.

Screen tearing is something that occurs when your frame rate dips below 30Hz. When you drop frame rate you have a choice to either drop all the way to 20Hz, or allow the screen to tear and only have the frame rate drop to 28 or 29Hz.

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