Devil May Cry 4: Nero vs. Dante

Kotaku's Make Fahey - Fri Dec 7 2007: "It's plucky newcomer Nero versus seasoned bad ass Dante in a fight to the death, or as close as they can come to it."

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Bonsai12143876d ago

I LOVE how badass Dante is. his personality has to be one of the best ever in a video game.

Foliage3876d ago

Kratos is even more of a badass, but Dante had some memorable moments.

fopums3876d ago

Kratos isnt badass, Kratos is METAL INCARNATE!

still Dante rocks though

kishan4203876d ago

Dante is a gaming icon
or a gaming god

picker3323876d ago

No he take's everything so seriously,but dante don't take nothing seriously.I mean Kratos helping people but dante just do it for fun.

Eamon3876d ago

Dante has attitude
but Kratos is a true badass

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The story is too old to be commented.