Devil May Cry 4 - TeamXbox Preview

TeamXbox published a preview of an Xbox 360 demo of Devil May Cry 4 - December 7th, 2007:

"For those interested in the technicals, Devil May Cry 4 was shown to us playing on an Xbox 360, and the gameplay was smooth and strong at a high frame rate, even with a lot of complex attacks, numerous projectiles and big characters moving around the screen...

We didn't see any of that stuttering or frame-rate chunkiness in our DMC4 demo, which, considering the game is still a couple of months from release, is a good sign for how the final product should run on a standard console."

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gamesblow3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

I love when 1 site calls the flaws... 10 pro xbox sites show their colors and start in on the damage control. It's a thing of beauty. Lets just get one thing clear... This site demoed the xbox 360 version only... The other site "1up" demoed both Ps3 and xbox 360 versions. They have a basis of opinion both ways.

While I'm sure the game might run good on the xbox 360, they can't say it runs better than the ps3 version... cause, well, unlike the other site... they haven't played them both.

JokesOnYou3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Gamesradar says hello.

hmmm, their hands on with both version qouted as "looked and played identical"= so are they a "xbot site" now too, and btw haven't you called 1up biased in the past but now you believe their word is the word of GOD, hmmm I dont know what else to call you but a sonykid or a hypocrite they go hand and hand=

*Achievements FTW!


edit: vvvvv lmfao @ your response, Gamesradar has *nothing to do with this, but 1up has *everything to do with it, ha ha try harder seriously, bro I know you can do better= fckin hilarious, lmfao!

gamesblow3878d ago

I don't know what to call you other than a Pearl snorkler... Gamesradar hasn't 1 thing to do with this, Jackson.

jlemdon3878d ago

I'm still getting the PS3 version but Ialways knew the 360 would be just as good.

Sayai jin3878d ago

When does this get released on the PS3 and when on the 360?

Zhuk3878d ago

Undoubtedly the Xbox 360 version is shaping up to be the best, while the PS3 version suffers from frame rate problems with washed out colours and screen tearing

TANOD3878d ago

1up clearly said that ps3 version was better

ukilnme3878d ago

We will not know which version is best until they are released. Even after it is released, fanboys from both camps will claim that their system has the better version without having played the other. I suggest you all just STFU and enjoy the game when it comes out.

bootsielon3878d ago

Why do you have your head so far up your ass? Do you like smelling Bill Gates' cum or what?

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The story is too old to be commented.