CVG - Games of 2012: DmC

CVG - Most commentary on Devil May Cry has revolved around hero Dante's extreme makeover - and the implication that it's proof the new western developer, Ninja Theory, has broken the game. Which is wrong.

The redesign was ordered by Capcom themselves, to provoke reaction. This younger Dante is also reflected in the gameplay, which takes cues from Platinum's brilliant Bayonetta. Dante's moves remain slick, but they're more brutal and aggressive - less refined.

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MrWiggle2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

For the 100th time it's not just about the "makeover", theres much more too it.

"The all-new Dante is on track to be as culturally relevant and iconic as when he was back in 2001..."

I hate articles where you can do see the writter sucking up to a company/developer like here where he's doing it towards Capcom or Ninja Theory to give off the impression that he is there "defender". They went "off rail" ages ago, nothing is going to get them back on track

"CVG - Games to IGNORE in 2012: DmC"


RedDead2178d ago

How's the character besides looks? Does he act like Dante at least?

ThanatosDMC2178d ago

Not even the look. Gameplay was horrible.