Games Radar Previews Devil May Cry 4 360 Edition: Looks And plays Identical To The PS3 Edition.

GamesRadar's-Mikel Reparaz, Dec 7, 2007

In the years since Devil May Cry 4 was first revealed, we've seen a lot of Nero, the game's wet-behind-the-ears new hero, and a little of Dante, the series' old standby. We've even seen the two cross swords and trade gunfire in a battle that appears to take place right at the beginning of the game, with Dante as the clear (but strangely silent) aggressor. Recently, we got our best look yet at exactly what sets these two eerily similar heroes apart.

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PStriple7033904d ago

1up dosen't think so, a more reliable source

Meus Renaissance3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

I don't trust previews when they are contradicting other sources. The only sensible thing to do is to wait for the video comparions (other than Gametrailers which boost the Contrast/Brightness on most of their comparisons for the PS3 version)

BloodySinner3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Do you seriously believe GameTrailers would do that? Wow! You ARE weak.

JokesOnYou3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

so basicly you are saying Gametrailers actually purposely changes the contrast settings when showing comparison vids for ps3 games? yet many other sites comparisons vids also have shown ps3 games in general look lighter or brighter than its 360 counterpart when shown side by side. Come on meus, you're too smart to act like the rest of the sonykids who believe every site under the sun is conspiring against them....and whats more laughable is how conveniently you guys go back and forth with your beliefs in these sites, I could have sworn that you sonykids have said countless times that 1up sucks, I mean other than gamespot I dont think there is any other site you kids are more critical of, now all of a sudden 1up words are like the WORD OF GOD despite this site, IGN, and the dev's themselves saying different= amazing how you sonykids think=


edit: dammm you bloodysinner you beat me to it by 1 min., seems we were thinking exactly the same thing= dont let it happen again, lmfao @meus

chanto233904d ago

but i usually rent both versions of any game before i buy them and for the most part they actually look and play identical on most cases, then when i check the gametrailers video comparison the games looks different...the only games that i've played and are clearly better on the 360 where: Splinter Cell DA, Fight Night, NBA 2k8 (more detail), Need for Speed Pro and GRAW 2(better lighting)...other than these i've chosen the PS3 version over their 360's counterparts...CoD4, Assassins Creed, Rainbow 6 Vegas(at 720p) and Kane and Lynch...

Meus Renaissance3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Many comparisons unfairly depict PS3 versions to be brighter, lack contrast which implies less graphical detail in the game. Assassin's Creed for example, I don't know if its their own doing but the screenshots I've seen of that game, having played it at my friends home, and on my own Sony Bravia television; it is gorgeous and vivid with colours.

You see nothing of the sort when you see the GT comparison. And I tend to wonder how many more examples of that there has been.

I personally don't care what your opinion is on that. This is my opinion. But if you disagree, then what is your basis for challenging me on that as I have see the comparisons with my own eyes instead of watching a video on the Internet?

I can say, for atleast Assassin's Creed, the difference between the two consoles will be limited to mainly frame rate and tearing issues. Not visual detail.

Bonsai12143904d ago

yeah, you can definitely tell that the calibration is off when most people do comparisons. intentional or not, its very weird that it always seems like the ps3 version has increased brightness and decreased contrast.

JokesOnYou3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

you both clearly do NOT understand how comparison vids work, so meus I will explain my "basis" for challenging you on the subject:

Comparison vids are just that, they are by definition a side by side comparison of video captures that are filmed and then put on the internet which means that depending on the quality of the equipment used there will always be some level of loss of picture quality when you view these vids over the "internet", but the KEY here is that, they use the same equipment(hdtv, film equipment, video playback, internet connection, and *hdtv settings etc which has been explained by gametrailers before) so the loss of quality for both vids will be *exactly the same, so saying "I've played it on my ___ hdtv and it looks alot better" = most likely is very true in all cases, but a pointless statement since almost everything should look better at home when viewed live on your hdtv, (for both 360 & ps3) especially if you have a quality tv, NOW if your point is that a *simple adjustment of the default contrast settings would most likely render the small difference mute, then I would agree.

Also one other *important aspect of this is that the graphical or lighting/contrast difference we are talking about here is very small(fanboys act as if its an "OMG" difference, maybe it is in some cases but obviously not in most) and the human eye does not discern small differences in contrast/lighting very well and therefore its almost impossible to tell which version has better lighting UNTIL you have an actual side by side comparison of the SAME GAME running on IDENTICAL EQUIPMENT AT THE SAME TIME,(except of course the console itself) and I doubt very seriously that either one of you have this setup *AT HOME to view multiplatform games.=

Gametrailers has this setup, their name itself explains what they do; they SHOWCASE GAMETRAILERS, and making comparisons is a part of what they do= in some cases the differences are big enough where its noticeable, but in most cases we are simply arguing over a small technical matter that no one will actually notice UNLESS they are playing the game at the SAME TIME, with a buddy with the SAME HDTV SIDE by SIDE. So again is a small difference but the Gametrailer comparison is fair to both parties, it is what it is so just because you believe the outcome should be different doesn't change the facts.


fopums3904d ago

guess what? none of you are in the studio whent they do the comparisons, and the media is full of fanboys good and bad whether you want to belive it or not.

Its pointless to argue over somthing like that becuase no real proof is evident either way. My roommates craptastic 15 inch tv has better defualt color contrast then my 37 inch phillips tv, I noticed becuase we were playing Rresistance side by side.

Im more then certain the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of AC will look better under different settings on multiple brands of tv's. one theory is with the 360 being the more popular console in the states they will probably pick a tv with settings which would represent the 360 better becuase well...Americans are easily swayed by marketing. Or maybe they dont do it on purpose and its just a side effect, in which case ps3 owners take 2 seconds to adjust the tv screens.

seriosuly arguing over framerate and tearing is one thing, color contrast and brightness though? thats nonesense.

and Yes Im American, if you dont agree with me on the American audience being easily entertained and swayed then why they hell do the Kardashins have a tv show?

InMyOpinion3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

They are both just in denial of the fact that games tend to look better on the 360. They'll take any excuse they can find. Don't you think Gametrailers uses the same TV set with the same settings for each comparison? Has it ever crossed your mind that lighting might not be one of the PS3's strong characteristics? It shows in the Assassins Creed comparison. Washed out textures are also hard to edit by flicking the contrast-controller on the TV...

BTW, Don't you think 360 games also look different when playing them at home compared to watching them in trailers? They do.

shrimpboat3904d ago

They said they would by the PS3 version because the 360 version doesn't look as good and has tearing issues.

kevoncox3904d ago

Ign said both look the same.

godofthunder103904d ago

what's the big deal.the majority of games look the same on both system but some times you will have a game that looks better on the 360 or the ps3.
if a game that's on both systems looks better on the 360 then the ps3 it's no big deal because another game will look better on the ps3 then the 360 so they break out even.
the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then the 360.
i hate sony and i will never buy a ps3 but all 360 fans like to have some ps3 exclusives on the 360,they want admit it but i will.i wish that kill zone 2 and some other games on the ps3 would be on the 360 because they look like they will be good games,and if they were on the 360 i'll buy them,but i don't care for games like rachet and clank and i tryed the metal gears games and i don't like them and i'm not interested in home.
all sony fans would like some 360 exclusives to be on the ps3 such games like bioshock and mass effect even if they want admit it and they have some games that they don't care for to.
what i'm trying to say is that even if you hate a company you don't have to act and lie and say every thing on it sux.ps3 fans are always saying that every game and graphics the 360 look just like a ps2 game and they know it's not true and 360 fans say things to.all the people that said that the other system sux and all the games to are just saying it because they hate sony or microsoft and it's just childish and if all the exclusives of both consoles was ported over to the other system,the people that said they sux will be the first one in line to buy them and that's a fact.
people need to give credit where credit is due ,for exsample when sony first game out with the ps i had to buy 5 of them in less then a year and a half because they had defected drives and even if you had a new system and game it still did it on some system but sony didn't give people extra warrinty but they fixed the problem but it took them between one and 2 years but when they came out with the ps3 they had it right from the start and sony did a good job doing it but it took them 3 generation of consoles to get it right the first time.
i'll admit that microsoft is having problems with the 360 but they are fixing them,all the new ones that's coming out now have the new chips in them and on top of that every one has a 3 year warrinty and there is no company that ever gave a 3 year warrinty on any electronic product with a defect or not.i bought my sons 360 at launch and i never had a problem with it and he plays it 24hrs a day.
like i said i hate sony and i'll never buy a ps3 but i admitted that it's a good system with good games but the 360 is a good system with good games to and just like i said above the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better the the 360.
what i'm trying to say is that it's time that all ps3 fans give credit to the 360 and 360 fans need to give credit to the ps3 because they both deserve some credit .when fans from both consoles start saying things like games and graphics sux on a certain system is just saying that because they don't like the ideal that the system they don't have great thing going for it to.
fans for both consoles might as well stop all the fighting because neither one is going away,they will be around for a long time.

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GUNS N SWORDS3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Kobayashi think so, a more reliable source.

Meus Renaissance3904d ago

Although I don't like disputing a developers claim, it is naive to just take their word when it comes to this. Every developer this generation has said their multiplatform games will look/perform the same on each console, and we all know the truth in that don't we?

7ero H3LL3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

so who do we go by , Kobayashi who probably know his staff more than we do, GamesRadar who spent more time with both , or 1up who took one glimpse at the 360 version and decided that the ps3 version is better while insulting NG2 at the same time.


Ju3904d ago

How naive are we today? Does anybody really believe, a developer would publicly state they'd prefer one version over the other if they want to sell on both (except Gabe, of course).

Meus Renaissance3904d ago

I'm not taking sides with this comparison, I never have. All I'm saying is that it is pointless - when it comes to the context of multiplatform comparisons - to take the word of the developer/producer who is out promoting the game, when he says there is no difference. We have seen and heard those words before and they usually disappoint.

We're experienced with that, are we not? How many times have we seen PS3 versions being inferior?

Doppy3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

To behonest I don't think they tinker with the settings of their TV's. I think the PS3 games are brighter than the 360 games, but if you set you TV to a better contrast, brightness, and lower the color reolution then the games look exactly the same.

Not everyone likes there games to be dark and gritty that's why I think the Sony games are like this. So you can fin tune your experience on your own.

I don't know about anyone else, but I do this all the time for every game I play. Resident Evil 4 Wii edition is the best example. The game was so dark on it's nartual settings, it felt like I was blindly fighting zombies who had night vision goggles. Add a little brightness and color. Boom it's totally playable.

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ruibing3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Even I really doubt we are going to see either system hit a ceiling so soon, so whatever differences noticed should be some external factors.

Skerj3904d ago

Seriously who cares which one looks better? I've seen people with screenshots of textures zoomed in 8x trying to find something wrong with a game on a console they don't have. Unless one of them looks normal and the other looks like PS1 then shut up and just get the damn game. Most of the time the people arguing never get the games or have any intention to.

Covenant3904d ago

Amen brother! Agreed and bubbles.

Laexerias3904d ago

.. if u are a good player the game is too fast to look at the graphics..

But.. if there are lagging problem, and i had just a xbox, there would be a BIIIIG problem, cause if it laggs, i cannot slaughter those demon b!atches, i gonna freak out so much. :D

fopums3904d ago

Heres hoping there are the same, but you know the fanboys will be up in arms counting pixels after the game is released.

"oh lo0k teh [email protected] blad3 of [email protected]!!1!, My Console is teh W!N!?!!"