Attention BioWare: A Request After Playing Mass Effect

Chris Remo of Shacknews writes:

"Mass Effect is an ambitious game, and an admirable one in many respects. Its conversation system - which combines unusually well-done superficial cinematic presentational elements, branching options, and clever 'pre-selection' of dialogue allowing for realistic flow - is probably the best I have ever seen in a game.

The combat, on the other hand, does nothing for me. Shacknews' own Nick Breckon reviewed Mass Effect, and I agree with his judgment, that the narrative systems of Mass Effect are fantastic but the combat ranges from unremarkable to poor."

Remo suggests what BioWare should do next: create a game that simply eschews combat and instead relies entirely, or almost entirely, on human interaction as its basic gameplay mechanics. A story-driven game with no or little actual fighting, but plenty of personal interaction.

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Silver3603790d ago

I like the game warts and all. The kinda game he wants I don't want to play.

tplarkin73789d ago

The only problem with the combat is leveling up. You don't shoot accurately at low levels and your bullets lack "oomph". But as soon as you gain levels, the combat becomes fun.

Skerj3790d ago

He's pretty much asking for an Adventure game then.

Dr Pepper3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )


There are definitely problems with this. First of all, it would appeal to a very small amount of people (which means less money, which means more problems). Second, action in games is what makes it more intense/exciting and more challenging (what would raising the difficulty do for a dialogue system, as it has no effect in ME on that aspect of the game). Third, it would probably get very repetitive. Mass Effect split the amazing dialogue system with combat (as well as driving/exploring and navigating the galaxy map), making the gameplay more varied.

Overall, I don't really think this would be the best of ideas, for the reasons above.

ktchong3790d ago

Adventure game developers should just license the engine from BioWare.

The next Longest Journey/Dreamfall game should use Mass Effect dialogue wheel.

AnthonyPerez3790d ago

Once you start to build your characters up and you realize how important the biotics is, you then see how much fun the combat system is. It's not a shooter, it's an RPG masquerading as a shooter but once you understand how the system works and how it was meant to be played then you'll have a blast.

I usually like Shacknews, but I'll have to disagree on this assessment.

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The story is too old to be commented.