He should join a (gastric) band! Obese music fan loses 16st playing drums on PlayStation game

A 36-stone computer games fan who was told his over-eating would kill him has lost more than half his body weight by drumming.

Doctors told Marc Rodwell, now 23, that he would not live to see his 24th birthday if he didn't lose weight.

A daily diet of four litres of Irn Bru and enough takeaway food to feed two people left Mr Rodwell so heavy that his household scales were unable to weight him.

But his life changed forever when he discovered the PlayStation 3 game Rock Band

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Pozzle2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

"He immediately joined the gym and began to drum everyday on Rock Band."

"'I cut out all of the sweets, fizzy juice, desserts and started eating a better diet.'"

The gym work and healthy diet probably had more to do with his weight loss than playing Rock Band did.

n4gisatroll2304d ago

It was the gym and diet. This shouldn't be video game news.

Biggest2304d ago

Probably? Most definitely.

bwazy2304d ago

Yeah pretty much. However Men's Fitness estimated that if you played 3-4 hours of drums a week for a month, you'd burn somewhere around 4,000 calories. As we all know, there's no such thing as a fat punk or metal drummer (usually), so depending on your playing style... Yeah.

Legion2304d ago

If he had gone to Korea and played online computer games with them then he would have lost a lot more weight!!! They don't eat for days and starve themselves to death playing online.

cannon88002304d ago

Because of porn, my right arm is now 45 percent more massive than my left.... oh what the? did I just write that? weird....

Blogz4Fanboyz2304d ago

lol, have a bubble!!

the disagrees that you will get are from the people on here who cry everytime they see themselves half naked in the mirror.

and who are ashamed that they have a stroke to pornhub and other such sites!!

Brownghost2304d ago

Rockband alone wouldn't be enough.

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