X-Play Video Review: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

12/03/2007 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review

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gamesblow3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

A review that might actually get on the gamerankings and meta sites.. What a joke! 26 scores now out on these sites. Odd, don't you think?

ruibing3944d ago

I like these video reviews. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Uncharted is really a game you just have to play to believe. I'm so glad I bought a copy.

Sevir043944d ago

adam his hilairious, that thing about the 80 gig ps3 had me rolling and he makes the claim not TR rip clear as it's Better than every Tr game released and is mature and not another run of the mil run and gun. part prince of persia, part gears of war, all fun and beauty. what else do you want from a game. completely stunning if you ask me

Jack Bauer3944d ago

This game was the main reason i bought a PS3...i love loading teh game up...sounds like national treasure.

Bonsai12143944d ago

nates theme is my favorite song of the ost. it has over 150 listens on itunes for me..

AllroundGamer3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

I finished this game today and it took me only 6 and a half hours on normal difficulty!! i can even give you the save file, that will show the time. Even if i am leaning towards PS3, it just felt unpolished, the difficulty was somekind crazy and frustrating, yeah the AI was great, but maybe too great so i needed to waste many bullets on enemies, and on the other hand enemies accuracy was like 95% chance to hit you so i couldn't even run out of cover. The graphics were great, also the cutscenes but the game was too linear. my score 8/10.

Edit: rofldings i wrote in the comment, that it was on normal difficulty/mode.

seeing 3 disagrees already, and i gave a warning for the fanboys not to read my comment :D you guys must have a special script for that disagree button :p

rofldings3944d ago

What mode did you play it on?

Danja3944d ago

Dude I seriously doubt you played the game 6.5 hrs on normal..??

ok so how many treasures did youcolect..15/60..???

my first play through on normal was 12hrs and a few minutues..collected 48/60 treasures...

TheExecutive3944d ago

i played it on hard the first time through and finished it in 10.5 hrs. of course i got 45 of the 60 treasures so I was actually looking for them. Did you just run through it? BTW I am a fanboy of Uncharted... sorry but i loved it. It was a little linear but its definitely better than an 8.

What made you think it was unpolished? I think the aiming system worked very well. You couldnt just hit the body and expect them to fall... you had to hit the chest. Hit the legs and it could take 5 shots, chest 3, head 1. It may not be absolutely real, but you know 2 hrs into the game where you need to hit them in order for them to fall quicker. If you cant hit them there its definitely user error. I counted 24 headshots in a row when i was playing it on Crushing, so dont tell me the aiming system isnt tight enough.

But anywho... everyone has their opinion and we may disagree, but i respect yours so heres a bubble.

AllroundGamer3944d ago

i found 33 treasures, and yes i have finished it in 6 hours. i am a hardcore player, so saying something like AI was difficult because i couldn't aim is out of place here... I can upload the save file really, so you see i am not lying. This stands on my save file:
-Played for 6 hours 29 minutes
-Collected 33 Treasures
-Earned 450 Medal Points

fopums3944d ago

Not saying I dont believe you allaroundgamer, but if your a hardcore gamer like you say, why play a game on normal?

I play every game I get on hardest difficulty from the get go, because I dont like replaying it through again to get bonus content and I want to get every bit of intensity out of the game as I can. Granted I haven't played through Uncharted on hard I was playing on a friends PS3 and he was on the easy difficulty and breezing threw the game seemed inevitable...

Bonsai12143944d ago

i'm probably on like 11 or so hours right now, and i'm only on chapter 17 or something. its not that i'm bad, cause i'm not, but sometimes i just walk instead of run to look at things cause its so pretty...

AllroundGamer3944d ago

it's a tradition, that i always start on normal and than play it again on the harder difficulty :) and i am glad i did here too, cause on the harder difficulty i would probably smash my gamepad :D

Bonsai1214 yeah i did that too, like standing on the mountains over the U-boot and enjoying the wonderful view. It's not like i wanted to finish the game the fastest way, why should i do that for christ's sake? Well i did that when playing Halo3, because the game gave me headaches (colors + boringness) and i wanted to see the ending...

krik3944d ago

Sorry man but someone that calls Uncharted "unpolished" never played through it. I'm on the second run (Crushing mode), my first run was about 11hrs in hard. Didn't rush through, didn't skip any cut scenes and enjoyed every bit of those amazing graphics, the perfect water and the unbelievable full screen Sun glare. It was 10 hours of pure enjoyment.

The is my favorite game on the PS3, hands down.

btkadams3943d ago

i dont see why people think its hard to believe you can beat this game in under 10 hours. mine was 6hrs 40 mins. i still loved it though. currently playing it again on hard. even though i beat it fairly quick, i still think it deserves a 9. greeaaaat game.

BrianC62343943d ago

It's well known Uncharted isn't very long but once you get through the game you still have other things to do. Did you find everything in the game? Some games are really long but most of the game is boring. Is that any better?

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