Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand review (Hooked Gamers)

Hooked Gamers writes: "In truth, the DLC, isn’t exactly bringing something - new - to the table. If you have played earlier versions of the Battlefield series, you may feel a slight sense of déjà vu. The DLC adds a number of multiplayer maps from Battlefield 2, but redesigned using the Frostbite 2 engine to make them shine like never before."

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suicidalblues2301d ago

And such a speedy review, too. This comes out soon, right? /s

Leon_O_Quinn2301d ago

I believe its already out.

DanSolo2301d ago

Good map-pack and well worth having for those of us who pre-ordered and got it for free.... but over-priced for those people who did not pre-order!

BC2 Vietnam was kind of worth it as it was like an addon... but this is a map-pack so costs too much. That said I prefer the maps to the ones that came with BF3.

Hellsvacancy2301d ago

Operation Metro is AWESOME IF its full of decent players that know how to attack/defend

Hufandpuf2301d ago

"That said I prefer the maps to the ones that came with BF3. "

personally i couldn't disagree with you more. Yeah the map pack is a little overpriced, but considering the price of map packs from other games, it's more bang for your buck. Also, the maps are pretty great and an excellent purchase if you want to extend your experience.