Iggy Pop in GTA IV?

In an interview by Crave Online, Iggy Pop has claimed that he is doing voice work for GTA IV. However the interview mainly focused on his music, so there wasn't much else said about it. Here is the excerpt:

Crave Online: This isn't your first time doing a voiceover either. You did an episode of American Dad, right?

Iggy Pop: Yeah I did. In fact I just did something for Grand Theft Auto 4 last night so I do a bit of stuff yeah.

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Alcohog3755d ago

This soundtrack is gonna be phatty. 8)

Komrad3755d ago

they re-use lee majors as a voice actor.

Jamegohanssj53755d ago

Iggy Pop is pretty darn cool. I hope some NIN is in the game.

jinn3755d ago

who in the world is iggy pop?

Slayer OP3754d ago

He is a rock star. I hope they use other rock stars. I mean they had freaking axl rose in san andreas! how do you top that?