Friends of Friends Feature: You're Visible Whether You Like It or Not

The "Friends of Friends" addition is one of the most useless features present in the Xbox Live Fall update. While some casual players may be thrilled about the social networking dash added, many voices ask one thing: where's our privacy, Microsoft?

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ASSASSYN 36o3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Actually, you can turn the friend of a friend feature off from even your friends by going into privacy settings and account management. Also selecting: Appear off line to everyone, or allow friends only to see you online. And if you don't want anyone to see your info don't enter it, and/or don't play.

vgn243878d ago

So no matter how many articles you get failed, you'll just keep resubmitting them till some idiot approves huh? Good job Peg. You are the perfect example of how to get high numbers and ruin a once respectable news site.

Waffle-boy3878d ago

You are right. Half a year ago this site had fewer, but way more relevant news. Now its just "Surfer Girl Predicts" and "10 ways to comb your hair while playing" and crap such as that.

razer3878d ago

People love to whine about nothing.. Block your friends of friends, block your gamercard, block your games played, block your gamerscore. Sorry but they will still see your gamertag but you can set it too offline.

Waffle-boy3878d ago

Who the heck cares if anyone can see your gamercard. Unless you wrote your visa-number as your motto, you wont even notice anything!