Class Action Connect offers lawsuit against Bungie for Halo's missing pixels

People may start filing a class action lawsuit on Class Action Connect, a site that allows people to get together to file class action lawsuits. What are the charges? False advertising, in this case, against Microsoft and Bungie studios who advertised that Halo 3 runs at 720p, when in reality it only runs at 640p.

So, how much is 80 pixels really worth?

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skynidas3879d ago

well, they ARE guilty but whatever

eLiNeS3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

but a good class action lawsuit we should set in motion is the DRM problem when your consoles RROD's on you and the replacement won't play the downloaded content offline or under another gamer tag any longer.

If you're not familiar with this problem yet, then read here:


and here:

TheSadTruth3879d ago

They also advertised "xbox live public" and a custom games list before it was released. Not to mention that it says on the box "leaderboards" and there are no leaderboards.

godofthunder103878d ago

i don't think that people really knows what a class action law suit is.
a class action law suit isn't started by people,it's filed by a lawer for anything like this to people being over charged 1 cent at a fair and then the layer will post that he's filing a law suit on behalf of the people that it concerns in a news paper or something like that and the people that it concern is suppose to get in touch with him and if they don't then they loose out .the fact is the reason that a lawer file a law suit like this is because if they win(they seldom do)then the people that they so call are filing the class action law suit for want receive hardly any thing.the lawer that filed the class action law suit will get about 95% of the settlement if they get one.

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power of Green 3879d ago

Yah we all should file class action lawsuits against every developer because no game runs at the rez listed or boasted(99% of the time).

Almost" another spiteful anti MSFT post.

rofldings3879d ago

A nice balance for all those spiteful anti-Sony posts, right?

gamesR4fun3879d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

lol POG your one hypocritical sob aint ya
For the record I hope they loose their shirt maybe that will send a message to all the other devs putting out more hype than game...

edit after thinking about for a while I would hate for bungie to go down over this but I guess the people would find jobs or make a new company...
Just getting pissed at shelling out tons for broken games I mean look at Madden on the ps3... Somehow Ive come to accept it on the pc and for the most part the games are great but Im never the first one out the gate buying the game so I know what Im getting...
Just used to be different on the console not that long ago sure we still got overhyped games but at least they worked. And they always delivered what they said they would graphic and all.

ruibing3879d ago

So does that mean you never approve of anti-Sony posts?

But I wouldn't have approved of this either since its just an example of this country's abused legal system.

pawnblue3878d ago

I hate the sue first mentality too, but until some power players (like MS or Sony) lose from it, things won't change.

If a company gets sued a few times for fudging things, they will either
1. Stop fudging things.
2. Support legal reform to protect themselves.

Both options are good for our society. In the long term, these frivolous suits might help stop other frivolous suits.

Kr1553878d ago

Sony fan here. An I do believe Halo 3 is over-rated, mainly because I only played halo after I had already played some real fun and innovative shooters like RTCW, CS, and TF. I however have to say this lawsuit is total and complete BS. I may not personally like Halo 3, but who the hell is going to file a lawsuit over upscaling? I love COD4 and I don't care that it's upscaled. It acutually looks better on my PS3 (as I'm sure it does on 360) than it does on my PC, and my PC can run the higher resolution (although on a 19" screen)

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lockload3879d ago

There are numerous PS3 and 360 games that are exactly the same this is nothing new, in fact COD4 (ps3 and 360) is another along with rainbow 6 (ps3) and numerous others

This will be thrown out of court anyway beciuase the game output at 720p and how this is rendered internally has no concern/relevance to the user

toughNAME3879d ago

lol reminds me of Seinfeld

power of Green 3879d ago

PGR4 and GT5 is the same way aswell.

Sony fans have been acting up right after the 360 Dashboard update and I know that PSP Slim post wouldn't cause the average PS3 fanboy to go into extream rabid mode. Must be the lack of PS3 games in the VGA's(PS3 got owned in the Video Game Awards).

solar3879d ago

question is, who gives a crap about Spike TV and what they have to say about gaming? "best game on Dew" category? and who wins? gimmie a break.

360 had more and better games, we all know that. and frankly, i dont care. fix your xbox from turning into a hot iron skillet MS then ill buy one. til then, im happy watching movies on my blu-ray player :P

fopums3879d ago

lol I have to agree, not too say 360 didnt deserve its awards, but the catagories? best "military" shooter? and the mountain dew none sense good lord....

4 different shooter catagories and one action/platformer catagory.


solar3878d ago

ya right? what a joke of an awards show. let alone they have Samuel Jackson host it. the only reason i watched it last year was for the Burning Crusades trailer debuted. the only reason ill watch it this year is to see if something else crazy debuts. other than that, its a joke awards show with hidden means. i got an award for ya. best game while high on shrooms: cs 1.6. lets see that spike you homos.

AnthonyPerez3879d ago

LOL, my story got reported as spam. How the hell did that happen?

Anyway, while I think it's completely ridiculous people did win a class action lawsuit blaming McDonalds for making them fat so anything is possible. This is America, after all.

poopface13878d ago

hamburgers dont kill people, fat people who eat hamburgers kill themselvs.