Skyrim isn't (that) broken

Have you ever wished that the real world would just break sometimes? People launching into the heavens seemingly without reason, objects that have no weight, tools with over 100 percent usefulness -- it sounds like exactly the spice life needs sometimes. If you're Bethesda, that apparently sounds terrible and needs to be squashed.

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StraightPath2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

worst version is the PS3 one , PS3 fanboys are butthurt Xbox 360 and PC version are smooth. So they decide it make it as though the game sucks just because there console has limited RAM. Meanwhile Xbox 360 gamers and PC gamers with their mods are enjoying this epic game. GOTY cant wait for DLC.

I am playing on PS3 btw. lol ( Yes its lags somtimes and can be annoying. )

brish2456d ago

I watched someone playing Skyrim on the pc on TwitchTV because I was curious. It crashed to the desktop about 3 times, and there were texture issues (it looked like they didn't load). The bad part is all these things happened in about 10 minutes of game play.

On all versions there are/were problems with broken quests, dragons flying backwards, corrupted save files, elemental resistance problems, etc etc.

The ps3 version has it the worst because in addition to the defects that every other version has it additionally has the problem with the frame rate slowing down after a while.

All versions of skyrim are broken but ps3 is the most broken version. I have a ps3.

I learned the hard way that buying Bethesda games on release day is a bad thing (Fallout New Vegas). By waiting I'll get a game that works *fingers crossed* and I'll likely be paying less for the game than people who are suffering with the defects of Skyrim today.

xPhearR3dx2456d ago

I haven't had a single issue on 360 besides a few freezes after 200+ hours of gameplay. I would hardly call that broken, or even buggy.

brish2456d ago

"I haven't had a single issue on 360 besides a few freezes after 200+ hours of gameplay. I would hardly call that broken, or even buggy. "


Bigpappy2456d ago

PS3 seems to have gottten the raw deal, but the 360 version is smooth and plays very well. I was scared to add the updates because it was running so well for me. I ended up applying them and still no issues. I have and old 60Gig 360 and while playng, I am in party mode with my brothers. we talk about the game but no quest details. none of the 4 of us have prolems playing the game.

agentace2456d ago

I must be really lucky, i`ve never had any problems with skyrim(35hrs) or fallout 3(100hrs+ PS3 & 100hrs+ PC), apart from a few small issues on PC but i had aload of mods installed so that probably didnt help.

New vegas did crash a few times for me though but it auto saves all the time so it didnt really bother me.

Im not denying other people having problems but they need to stop complaining so much and have more saves, if you only have 1 save your asking for trouble on any game. I had over a gig of fallout 3 saves though you probably shouldnt have that many lol

willie322456d ago

I made the mistake to purchase a Bethesda game early. My game is still in the shrink wrap hoping the patches take care of all major issues.

KontryBoy7062456d ago

Broken is broken. If it IS broken. Fix it.

Objective2456d ago

How is Skyrim broken if I have had 200+ hours of sheer enjoyment on it, encountering say 3 broken side quests (out of god knows how many unbroken ones), and experiencing say 10 instances of the game freezing up (meaning it crashed about once every 20+ hours of gaming)? Skyrim has bugs, but definitely not broken. On the 360 at least.

Definitely GOTY for me despite the bugs, and in a year when Gears 3, Forza 4 and Uncharted 3 were released, that's a real achievement.

josephayal2456d ago

Data corrupt with 51 hours (xbox 360) not broken?

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