Upcoming Week of Games in North America (Dec 9-15): Unreal Edition

As is standard for december, this week is a crappy release week. However, the PS3's big releases of Orange Box and Unreal Tournament 3 make it worthwhile to make a list, even if there isn't much on other platforms.

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Skerj3821d ago

UT3 and Orange Box in the same week? Ouch man, they're going to hurt each other.

shysun3821d ago

I'll pick them both up. :)

Greysturm3821d ago

They are the last worthy releases of the year so you have till the next year to buy both :)

Demorus3821d ago

I don t think because the Orange Box have only 30 frame per second and UT3 is one of the game the most waited for the PS3 fan

solar3821d ago

i could see the guys who did Black Site all cry a lil when they saw UT3's release date was the same day. poor guys, oh well. cant wait to run you guys over :D

sonarus3821d ago

i am 90% sure that unreal tournament is 30fps on ps3 i could be wrong. Definetly getting unreal already played half life on pc and portal dosent really interest me.

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solidt123821d ago

I will be picking up both of these.

Fototherapist3820d ago

stay away from Blacksite. Worst game out this year.

Ri0tSquad3821d ago

Sales are going to be bad with orange box on ps3.

ruibing3821d ago

Orange Box on PC for me (just had to get it from BestBuy when it was only $25), so I'll just be picking up UT3 for PS3.

THAMMER13821d ago

30 fps for the OB box is not that bad. UT3 is going to be extra popular for every platform. Go get it [email protected] it!!!!

Guwapo773821d ago

Screw Orange Box...I waited forever for that damn game to come out. I gave up hope for it when they passed of the responsibility to port the game to another company. So Valve, good luck selling the game but you sure ain't getting my lunch money.

Unreal Tournament my reserve at Gamestop. I've waited 3 long years since the last. Or was it 4?

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The story is too old to be commented.