CNET's Don Reisinger doesn't care what it says - Sega must revive the Dreamcast

CNET writes:

"After writing a quick little something here on The Digital Home about my hopes for a second Dreamcast by 2009, a flood of news and rumors hit the Web about the future of Sega...If you're any older than 18 years old, do me a favor: think back to when you were playing games as a child. Did any developer besides Nintendo or Sega really jump out at you? I doubt it...

Call me an Old-Timer or a conservative, but to my mind - gaming was a much better world ten years ago. And while Sony was around back then and making an indelible mark on the video game industry, it was Sega and Nintendo that always seemed to hold a special place in the hearts of gamers..."

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NEO_X3874d ago

you know if they made some new sonic games on there and really pushed the system id love that.
Plus the games would look just as good as the games on the wii :)

Winter47th3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Doesn't matter anymore, SEGA's gone downhill after they killed the DC ' yes they killed it with their sh!tty planning and WTF-type of advertising, you can't argue outa it with OMG NOZ SoNY tEH KilLED it WIZ PS2 '.

Making games for it won't work either, just look what they did to their most loved franchise, Sonic, and where's Shenmue ? Jet Set Radio ?

As much as it's a sad fact, SEGA sucks this gen, good, that's what they deserve for betraying their fans after all these years.

The DC was and still my most favorite console to date, good times, but some things are best left alone than reviving it and screw it up for everybody out there who still have some fond memories of it.

killax35633874d ago

For crying out loud, bring back Jeff Gerstmann. I'm sick and tired of this situation.

BRING BACK JEFF GERSTMANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pacman6153874d ago

i mean who don't want a new dreamcast and all, but the fact is sega has been producing nothing but shoddy software for the longest time now, i haven't bought a good sega game probably in 4=5 years, and you think developers are gonna jump ship , i highly doubt it

Skerj3874d ago

I like how a lot of people are clamouring for the Dreamcast revival now, where were they when it got killed off in the first place!? Or maybe they were always there who knows. As much as I love the Dreamcast, I'd have a hard time trusting Sega again with another console being twice burned. First with the Saturn then with the Dreamcast which still had a LOT of life left at the time they killed it.

jcgamer3874d ago

I didn't own the Saturn or the last Sega console was the Genesis...but if they come back with something hot like the Genesis then, Sega, bring it on! That's my type of S!#*...

Skerj3874d ago

Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, 32X, Nomad, 2 Saturns, and a Dreamcast here. The first 4 are no longer with me, but yeah I was a Sega fan. But I've seen them kill off their most beloved franchises by neglect (Shenmue 3 anyone?) or just plain bad games (Every Sonic after Sonic Adventure 2). Even the new IPs from internal Sega teams don't look all that appealing, and I'm guessing from the previews we've gotten of Golden Axe that it will suck as well.

The Sega we grew up with and loved is dead now, for every Virtua Fighter 5 we now get 2 Shadow the Hedgehogs. I'm hoping the Sega teams that still exist can pull it together and get back to glory but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

WAR_MACHINE773874d ago

I agree fully Skerj. Sega has bitten too many people in the ass for them to return to the console biz. I owned every machine they put out and the genesis was the only one that wasn't dead before it hit the ground. I loved the dreamcast before they took a shovel to it head, but there is no way I could justify spending money on a new system that probably won't last past its second year.

Danja3874d ago

SEGA doesn't need to revive the dreamcast what they need to do is start making GOOD GAMES AGAIN....SEGA can't financially support another console much less compete with Sony/Nintendo/M$.....maybe Apples will help them out...!!

Douchebaggery3874d ago

They invented nostalgia for a reason.

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